Communication Problem


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 20, 2012

Often times, we have a lot of miscommunication on here and even with females.

I actually draw up some sketches.

Often times, we fail to respect the survival state and hierarchy state. As example: A Girlschase member will never share his full field report because high ranking members here might dissed him.

You might say that high level members here don't do this but in a lot of places, they play politics. Thus, why we never get full field reports/information.


You should never reject someone's worldview, because they are already in momentum.


The most common one where it can be a confirmation bias but I'm not really sure, is when a member posted something that I have said a week, a month or years before.

Yes, it can be true. It also can be flawed.

As example below: Let's say Alpha posted a field report. Alpha uses Method A but because Zac mentioned about Method A, a month before. He assumes that Method A is awesome, even though Alpha might be using Method the wrong way per se, or a different way per se.