Covid Secrets 5: LEvels


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 20, 2012
Hello People,

Females are three states out.
Especially university females, liberal females.

And how does this affects you?

An example: I didn't have the proper vehicle, establish the vehicle, to actually deliver what I intend to, on my last post.

And I don't even know if Chase can understand my wacky ideas. Thus, it looks something like this.

But for you, here's important.

It is important to understand that if you are an employee, your boss is your 'reality state'
If you are a business owner, the army is your 'reality state'.

LEvels. Levels of......

If you are a Girlschase members, you often forget that if the media comes for Chase, we will likely not be held to answer anything except Chase.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Damn........


Here's why accepting yourself as a male, is everything. It's the 'reality state' that then powers you, and add Girlschase, makes you an overpowered motherfucker.



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Oct 9, 2012

Yes, it's not totally clear what you're driving at in these 'secrets' posts.

What I gather is:

  • What is 'cool' has shifted. Before, being anti-establishment was cool. Now, being pro-establishment is cool
  • There is no true universal shared morality. Most people do not realize this
  • Everyone is going to suffer over the next N years, but GC members not quite as badly
  • Chase has some ability to help the people, but you're not certain he will
  • If the media comes for this community, Chase will bear the brunt of it directly, so that factors into his calculus

What I'd say is:

  • I agree with you, what is 'cool' has shifted. Although it seems to be in the process of shifting again. A lot of the pro-establishment stuff is bleeding its cool by shilling too much for the already-powerful-and-uncool

  • Yes, there's no shared/universal morality. Most people project their own morality onto others and assume others must share their own morality. They are not actually conscious of the variety of different moral positions that different groups, peoples, and even classes within the same society hold

  • I also agree we're in for some rough times ahead. I do hope (and believe) members of this community will fare better than most -- they think for themselves more, are more aware of what's coming, and have taken steps to prepare themselves better

  • At this point, it is unclear what else I can do outright aid people, at least with GC. Our reach is relatively limited and we have little cultural clout. The gatekeepers of broad public access (mainstream media + social media + YouTube) are consistently plugging "loopholes" in their cultural control narrative (e.g., Donald Trump exploited such a loophole to gain the presidency in 2016. That loophole has been plugged), and they are much swifter at shutting down anything that deviates more than just a bit from the narrative. These people aren't dumb, and you can't fly under the radar enough to not catch their attention while still changing the dialogue enough to effect cultural change. Even if you go in masquerading as being on their side, if at any point you flip, they shut down all mention of you in the media fast enough that you're effectively un-personed. It is very, very difficult to have much reach while going against the narrative

  • Even if I had the reach, it is unclear what I ought to do to actually help people. There is a massive machine focused on driving frenzy among the general populace. That machine is fed and maintained by the wealthy and powerful. You can be one man standing among a stampeding mob telling them to be calm, but if there's a bunch of other men at the far end of the mob yelling fire and shooting rubber bullets into the crowd, there is a limit to how much you can do. It is also the case that over the years I have had many folks try to enlist me in their various causes, without seeming to realize I have a cause of my own right now: give guys good/applicable girls/social advice, so they can get that part of their lives handled, and are then freed up to focus on other areas of their lives

I am actually less worried about a media skewering now than I was before. The media seems to be categorically ignoring certain more problematic (in their view) areas of the web/Internet, so long as those areas aren't directly challenging core narratives. They have private media discussion boards and rules where they have certain topical areas that are basically banned from reporting on.

I would guess based on the dearth of news pieces on pickup there is a rule somewhere that says "Don't report on this at all unless there's a sexual assault case you can tie to it." That seems to be the only thing the media will print on pickup anymore, either positive or negative. Even the sexual assault cases get very little media attention -- they will do a piece or two on it ("Those dirty PUAs assaulted yet another poor girl!") but then bury it. You get at most a one-line mention that the accused is a "pick up artist" in media pieces after that, but they won't run pieces on "pick up artists are a problem" or whatever in mainstream media (you might still find some YouTube videos on it, but YouTube creators aren't MSM journalists, and they don't make too many of these videos because the MSM sets the media agenda and YouTubers want to seem 'current' and 'with it' by hewing as near to that agenda as they can). It's just totally banned as subject matter there.

It's interesting to consider why seduction would have this blanket ban on reporting it seems to have now (and I have my theories on it), but, regardless, it does seem to be the case nowadays.

Anyway, I would just say:

Whatever you think of my capabilities, or my duty to the people, the effective reach I have is limited, I am not really that great of a marketer (I am okay, I suppose), and the shrinking number of loopholes available to exploit the media and generate much attention are both few and far between and much more rapidly discovered and plugged these days, further limiting my ability to do much, even if I wanted to, or had some clear idea about something else I could do that I wasn't already doing.

I would also say that I believe for now the best advice continues to be Confucius's: when there are no current opportunities to serve well, keep to yourself, continue cultivating your person, skills, and resources, and when the time is right, you will be prepared to lead or serve.



Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 20, 2012
I would guess based on the dearth of news pieces on pickup there is a rule somewhere that says "Don't report on this at all unless there's a sexual assault case you can tie to it." That seems to be the only thing the media will print on pickup anymore, either positive or negative

Now that you mentioned it, then i realize it.

I feel sad for women because they think ppl care.
I am also hyper aware that females actually know this innately and it is part of the 'survival of the fittest' to signsl for help.

But yea.... i don't know man.

I am that child who saw the world change and i am like wtf just happened....

I guess it happens as you get older. You see the first, second and 3rd generation moving in cycles until the titanic eventually breaks. Which i am sure that all of us kinda know that it has always been this way.


In this video, I am Sam and you are definitely the CEO guy. When macro views and micro views collide. :)