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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Feb 13, 2013
A friend of mine had a cook out Sunday night for his girlfriend’s birthday. One of our friends hangs out with a lot of hippie types and had brought this girl with him that he was dating, and her friend.

Her friend is a little tiny thing with long, straight light brown hair and blue eyes wearing a Super Woman t-shirt and jeans. She has both eyebrows pierced (the common silver, vertical bars you see most often) and a silver stud below her lower lip. Also, a couple of visible tattoos on her arms.

For some reason these types of girls fucking love me, which is weird because I think that I dress quite “preppy” in comparison.

I introduced myself “Hey, I’m JJ… we haven’t met” and her name is Trisha. We enjoy good conversation and drinks for a bit.

  • She tells me she carries a gun for protection (concealed carry is legal in Illinois), but also just likes to shoot for fun.
  • I tell her how much I love tattoos and piercings on women, and I’m not sure how I’ve only managed to get 1 tattoo my whole life but always wanted to get more. We laugh about that and she tells me she has 6 tattoos and 13 piercings. (I’m guessing there are a couple “surprise” piercings haha)
  • She tells me about how she’s a huge Doctor Who fan. We discuss how it is kind of a long-running thing and they just throw in new actors and keep making them, sort of like James Bond movies.
  • We talk about James Bond movies for a bit.
  • I ask what she does and she says she works for a hotel all day and then does some cocktail waitressing three nights a week for extra money. Says she likes the money but hates having to dress sexy for old, creepy dudes.
  • This leads her to ask how old I am. She thinks I am only like 26 or 27, but we eventually find out that I’m 35 and she is only 20.
  • She smokes a shit ton of weed, apparently. I tell her I used to, but anymore it just makes me eat a bunch of food and feel like shit, which she thinks is really funny.
  • I find out she has a 4 year old son. I forget, but I think she just tells me this randomly.

This is all cramped into about 30-45 minutes of us standing and drinking beer and talking. They cannot stay long but I make sure and get her number and tell her we should do coffee or something soon.

I ask what her schedule is with her kid and everything, and she says that she has to waitress the following evening and then has her kid until Thursday. She agrees to (alcoholic) drinks for Thursday night. (at first I'd went for coffee knowing she is only 20 years old, but she says she knows a few places where she drink even though she's not 21)

So then I shoot her an icebreaker later that evening:

Me: Hey Trisha, this is my #! Save it :) -JJ
Her: What’s up? How u doin?
Me: I’m good. What’s with the area code, you not from around here?
Her: My phone is on a family plan with my mom lol she lives in Chicago but we are all from around here
Me: Ah I gotcha. Just curious is all.
Her: Curiosity is ok!
Me: Good I am a curious person haha ;)
Her: Me too… lol

Next Day (Monday about 6:45 PM):

Her: So I just got to work and already wanna leave! Lmao
Me: Haha I just got to our first softball league practice.
Her: Aww… I wanna watch lol!

Then, later that evening (about 9:30 PM):

Her: Did it rain on you guys?!!
Me: A little! It was fucking cold as shit lol
Her: A little rain never hurt anyone
Me: It’s too cold out to be rained on!
Her: Holy shit this place got packed fast *she’s making time to text me even while slammed at work*
Me: Better than it being slow as hell right?
Her: Yea

And she keeps texting me. Tuesday around (8:15 PM):

Her: U gonna be up for a bit? My phone is gonna die but I wanted to hit u up later after [her kid] goes to bed?
Me: I might be! If I am I’ll just be channel surfing the stupid crap that’s on tv on week nights
Her (much later, I was in bed): Yay!! My phone is charged lol

I was in bed asleep by the time she texted me since I had to get up an hour earlier than normal. Thought about just not responding to her last text but she keeps texting me and don’t want her to auto-reject now, so I just shoot her a short text that I’m hoping will resolve any thoughts she may have that I don’t want to talk to her, while not initiating some big, long convo either.

Me: I was in bed! So tired lol
Her: Lol :) So I got called in to work tonight :(
Me: Aww haha that’s no good but I’m sure the extra cash will be nice :)
Her: Lol yea

Then she texts me later in the evening about 9:00 PM:

Her: Yay!! I’m home. They decided they didn’t need me for the whole shift lol. It feels so good to be home for the night after working a double.
Me: I bet. I’d definitely need a drink after that… and a back rub too… ;)
Her: Back rub?? Never heard of it… must be nice? Lmao
Her: I had 2 drinks at work. I love those bartenders lol
Me: Haha. Drinks? Check!
Her: Yeah Malibu and cranberry
Her: I like bitch drinks haha
Me: Haha most girls like sweeter drinks
Me: Think I am gonna get some shut eye. Gotta get up earlier than I normally do. Lookin’ forward to tomorrow ;)
Her: Lol me too. You’re not my type like at all but I don’t even care haha ;)
Her: Oh and the age difference! Lmao
Me: Haha well we are gonna have a good time hanging out, I can tell that
Her: Oh me too!! :) Sweet dreams

Then, first thing the morning of the date:

Her: Good morning!!

Ugh haha :)

So yeah, lots of texting. Probably places where I could have fended it off, too. Although, I think this may have been okay to respond as much as I did since she probably feels like there’s a pretty big value imbalance at this point.

What do you guys make of these comments?

Her: Lol me too. You’re not my type like at all but I don’t even care haha ;)
Her: Oh and the age difference! Lmao

I think I already know but want to see if you guys are thinking the same thing I am.

So we meet up and she was super into it the whole time. Met early-ish, at 6 PM, and had 2 drinks. So by 7 PM, and before I could even ask her back to my place, she'd said: "So is that all I get out of you? Just drinks? Or are we going to do something else?"

And that was about all I needed.

She was definitely highly sexual! Took me about 5 minutes total to get from the front door into her va-jay-jay, and she gave me one of the best blow jobs I've ever had (and I've had tons of them, so she's def a pro).

Thing is she was one of those hippie girls that have a really hairy bush, and her pits were hairy too which almost made me go limp at times. I basically tried not to focus on it and just enjoy the rest of everything else. Good thing she shaves her legs, because that would have been a deal-breaker for sure. I don't really understand that. Here you have this beautiful, blue eyed girl with long luscious hair and a trim body... and she's going to ruin it by having... that? Ah... oh well :)

Between the midgets and lip ring girls and hairy bush asians and weird hippies I think I might just run away and join the circus haha.

There's a good amount of hippies around here. I am not sure there are many of them though, that go the full route and do the "no shave" thing.

Oh, and also, she said some things that are always cool to hear but most women won't tell you. Things like:

  • That she liked that I moved very quickly toward sex instead of just sitting there talking and being a boring fuckstick,
  • I maintained eye contact throughout 90% of the date, which she said if she had to guess, that most guys don't even get close to 50%,
  • She said something like "you fucked me literally an hour after we met for drinks, and I still didn't feel like a whore"

This is the advantage of sleeping with a few really open, sexually liberated girls: you'll find out a lot of things about women that would otherwise be swept under the rug.



Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Apr 17, 2015
Perhaps the comments you mentioned were tests.

Given the cliquey mindset of a 20 year old and 15 years difference...

My guess is she feels an elephant in the room and just wants confidence she's qualified so to speak.

Clearly there was zero issue with compliance and a lot of chasing behaviour on her part (texting to keep connected).

A 35 year old might seem especially scarce for someone so young.


Modern Human
Modern Human
Jun 16, 2013
NarrowJ said:
What do you guys make of these comments?

Her: Lol me too. You’re not my type like at all but I don’t even care haha ;)
Her: Oh and the age difference! Lmao

I think she's just really into you and is expressing her level of investment even more so by telling you that she thinks it is weird she likes you so much age/identity aside.

I got this with a MILF I laid a long time ago who texted me "I can't believe I'm driving this far to come see you! I must really like you!"

That's like real seduction right? When you can take a girl that normally wouldn't have anything to do with you but because you seduced her she becomes intrigued and hooked as to what could come.
I was also a bit interested at the amount of texting you did with this girl as it seemed a little over kill considering your normal amount but I think you were right because of the value imbalance you made yourself more attainable that way.

NarrowJ said:
Between the midgets and lip ring girls and hairy bush asians and weird hippies I think I might just run away and join the circus haha.

LOL the freak show rotation... guaranteed freaky fun 7 days a week ;)

Enjoyed reading as always. Took a break from studying marketing to read this and my gosh was it sweet to the eyes compared to the past 3 hours of dry marketing.