Dan/Badboy Lifestyle's takeaway of 20 years of seduction, 15 years teaching it.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Aug 15, 2018
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Teevster said:
The thing with Chase is that his projects are always delayed, which sucks, but he always does the job perfectly, oftentimes even better than anticipated. I promise quality here guys! The forum is also built upon complaints and suggestions from veterans.
Okay, so as we are gearing up towards the Skilled Seducer forum which is supposed to be more independent of Girls Chase and more inclusive of the broader community, I want to share you guys this series of 4 videos by Dan/Badboy Lifestyle, 45 minutes total straight outta Croatia, as featured in The Game. Did I mention I like his heavy accent? nad_bigger, if you are still around, I though this may resonate with you as well. Hell, it resonated with me. Especially the first part. Bayboy says if you have been into pickup for 3 years with no results, you should really look for some help. Personally I haven't been into pickup constantly for 3 years, but I kind of got the message. His clip actually inspired me that at this point in my life I should take advice not from him, but other sources. :)

About the 4th part. If your highest psychological concept is sales, then yeah, you will see the male-female dynamics as nothing more than sales. I think there is more to that, I still don't know what it is, but hell, the vast forces of yin and yang, the universal male and female energies of the world... there should be more to that than just sales, right? The part I get his point in the 4th video is where he says the community has a hard time deciding is game more about tactics and techniques or about developing yourself as a better man? Heck, we are having a debate about this with Chase for a long time spread over topics, but I still don't see which side he is on this debate. As I see it, sometimes he sees himself exactly on the tactics and techniques side (such as naming the new forum Skilled Seducer), while other times he says he is all about the fundamentals, aka. developing to be a better version of yourself. Chase could just say these two are equally important, about 50-50%, then I would get this point. I think I would accept it's a good middle ground. But for me he says one thing one time then the opposite thing the next time, in the very same post. No surprise I'm perplexed.

One advice I picked up from Badboy long ago which still resonates with me (but not with Seppuku) is to treat seduction like a new hobby.

Anyway, what did you take away from this series? Have you found it insightful?
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