Daygame thoughts


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 13, 2022
When I was learning game, I was influenced by direct guys like Steve Jabba, Nick Krauser, etc. Still, I always felt there was something substantively different between what Steve and other day gamers did. Namely, Steve's approach seemed more socially intelligent than the spray and prey, borderline Aspergers approach of most day-gamers.

One piece of advice I give guys is to approach girls that seem f***able. In short, look for what Leil Lowndes calls "undercover sex signals". For example, the other day I was at the mall and saw a Victoria's Secret thong peak from a high school girl's pants like a whale tail. Assessing correctly that this girl was sexually preening, I approached her at a candle shop when she broke away from a 2-set with a fat friend and ended up taking her to bed later that week.

The point is to use your head a bit before you approach a girl. Working at a university I sometimes see dorky day gamers approach girls on campus who are, to put it nicely, dissimilar to them. Showing some discernment in game, you will be doing everyone a favor by not being another socially uncalibrated day gamer fouling up the streets. You also stand a better chance of actually getting laid.