Special Girl Do you want to laugh? [Novice field report]


Space Monkey
space monkey
Feb 26, 2020
Hi friends, i hope you are doing great, I wanted to share a field report that you will consider interesting if you want to avoid having a bad time.

After have found girls chase I started a journey of self-improvement and I begun to felt that i was at the peak of my student career, i had many options and was thinking in start a relationship, all was happiness, until that fateful day that i found her.. she was crying at the stairs of the entrance of the college and I offered to help her, to my shame i must admit this was before i have read chase"s articles about red flags and crazy girls, she wasnt very beautiful but somehow ignited the simp in me

The first day she was already saying "I love you", "you wouldn't cheat me, right?" and I must clarify that this was prior to talk with her regulary but anyway i ignored that and tried to help her, at day two she was saying that I was a son of bitch for asking a question about her past (she dint answer) but afterwards she was doing a scene in the hallway because i dint wanted to talk about my past, i though that maybe i should share a bit and i admited that i dint like to talk about it because of abuses that i received in foster cares and host families, after that she simply changed the topic, not even an encouraging word and after 5 minutes she was saying me that: "sex was very important to her"

Mysteriously she began to appear wherever i was frequently and more strangly i fell in love with her, i don't know if it was because she give me a lot of attention but thats when horror begun, she was constantly comparing me with another guys and saying that i wasnt enough of a man, i felt bad all the time, did not last a month,. Fast forward 6 months after we broke up she send me whatsapp of nowhere with a pic of her covered in white stuff saying that a paint can fell and ruined her dress, i found it weird, fastforward another 6 months, I was feeling depressed because all the girls with i talked started to ignore me out of nowhere, found the girl again and i decided to talk to her again to catch up on things and we become friends, one week later she half drunk confesses that she sabotaged my tries with another girls to help them to avoid the pain i caused to her i was speechless


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 23, 2017
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Okay, fuck dude. Few things:

First, you're calling this a field report about an interaction between you and this girl so post this stuff on the field reports board next time ;)

fastforward another 6 months, I was feeling depressed because all the girls with i talked started to ignore me out of nowhere
You ran out of time, attraction doesn't last forever if it doesn't go anywhere.

Next, from what I can tell this chick is totally toxic for you and I would suggest cutting contact completely and meeting someone else. (Delete/block any contact from her. Don't talk to her.) Your friendship with her also seems one sided. The fact that you went out of your way to go find her and talk to her with her treating you the way she has says that you're too invested in this one girl.

I realize that you said that you're friends now but I'd care to wager that you still like her to some extent. As a guy who has tried to befriend women that I've been with in a romantic/sexual way, I can tell you from experience that it's a bad idea. You're gonna get hurt. Unless you're meeting tons of women, she's gonna get you chasing and keep you as an orbiter (look that one up on the main page if you're not aware of what that is yet :) ).

If you're not there yet and you really are just thinking that you can have her as a friend, let me ask you one question: Why do you want this person as a friend? They don't treat you well and they're not doing anything to better your life. (Also there's an article about Male/Female friendships: https://www.girlschase.com/content/how-make-and-find-female-friends )

Aside from that, there are two things that could be going on here: Either you two are sleeping together or you're chasing a girl that just ain't good for you, dude. Either way it's same advice: This girl is not good for you and only hurting you. Let go and move on to someone better (there always is :) )

Personally, what I would do is what an ex did to me when we tried this: just try and be genuine but tell her that you can't be friends because you gotta figure some stuff out in your life and stick with your answer firmly. It's your life not her's. And next time, try not to dive into a relationship too quickly ;) there's more about that on the main page as well :)

Happy to have you here, best of luck with the learning (we all started somewhere :) )