Resident Edinburgh


Space Monkey
space monkey
Aug 13, 2021
Hey dudes,

I live in Edinburgh.
Fairly new to the whole daygame thing but keen to learn.
Been approaching around the city centre mainly - Princes Street Gardens, Royal Mile.

George Street looks good - with all the designer shops.
Stockbridge looks good - I live in the area, lots of hots girls wandering about.
Planing on doing Leith as my work is there when we are back in the office soon - lunchtime, and after work. I expect it would be good, lots of offices, so lots of girls on lunch, hanging out at Leith Links maybe.
The Meadows and Edinburgh University area looks promising too.
The new St James Quarter Mall looks pretty good - especially once we are mask free

There are a lot of places around the city centre basically

I've been doing daygame, but would definitely be up for going to bars at the weekend too.

Lots of hot chicks in Edinburgh, locals and tourist girls who are just dying to see what we've got up our kilts!

So hit me up if you live in Edinburgh or are visiting sometime. I'm always up for going out to meet the ladies!