Elite eye contact, opening from behind and opening groups


Jan 14, 2019
Elite eye contact: So i'm trying to make sure that I don't make eye contact first, but if I'm not directly looking at them and just using my peripheral vision I'm not 100% sure if their eyes are looking into mine, so I often slowly move my eyes over to theirs - just to find they had not actually made eye contact with me and so I was the first one to make it.
The article also says it's fine for you to make eye contact first as long as you break it first - but quite often people I don't know well make eye contact with me for half a second before breaking it - meaning they broke it first! The context of this is mostly before opening and saying hello.

Opening from behind: Quite often I recognise someone I've met before in the street, but I'm behind them, and if I try to open I often get a surprised reaction - basically it forces you to make eye contact first and they haven't even seen you when you jump in and say hey. Is there any way to do this that isn't awkward?

As for groups, if there is a girl you want to speak to in a group, I don't see how you could possibly pre-open and force them to make eye contact first - how are groups opened without setting a chase frame in their favour? I also wonder if just opening the girl and ignoring the group in her circle may come off as chasing or be awkward for her if the group is having a conversation - I'm sure there's a way of opening a group of her friends which are not a part of your social circle without throwing away the benefits of elite eye contact and pre-opening.