Escorts not letting me cum in their mouth?


Jun 20, 2017
I've only had sex with escorts 3 times so far, with 3 different girls... and in all of those 3, they asked me to not cum in their mouths while they were blowing me. I wonder if it has to do with the way that i'm coming off to them (unnatractive), or if it's just that they won't let any guy cum in their mouths? Can someone please give me some insight into this? They all told me beforehand that they'd do everything in bed.

The first one told me that she couldn't stand the consistency and taste of semen. The second one didn't go into details, just like the third one, which told me while i was almost climaxing that i couldn't cum in her face either lol, which ended up with me shooting my load on her shirt and she getting a bit upset, which was a total turn off.


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Nov 14, 2012
Southern California
It's almost always for sanitary purposes.

She doesn't know what diseases or other harmful elements you might contain in your fluids, so allowing your semen to enter her mouth could literally be a health hazard to her (and her future as an escort, lol).

Obviously every escort is different and might let you do more than others, but it's not uncommon for escorts to want you to keep your fluids away from their bodies. It's generally good etiquette to respect that (and also keep in mind that escorts aren't guaranteed to be "clean" themselves, so avoiding bodily fluid exchanges with them can be good for you too)!

- Franco