Favorite "Manly Movie"


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Oct 18, 2018
What a coincidence that Prishan mentioned Godfather.

I have been rereading the masterwork by Mario Puzo "The Godfather" and it is really surprising how much red pill there is instilled in it. Especially during the Johnny Fontane chapters (the singer in the movie who had trouble with the movie producer) this comes at the forefront.

Mario Puzo shows a great understanding of human psychology.

He also describes multiple people with "force of character" and I really had to think about what he was talking about. The closest thing I could associate it is what many people describe when they are on nofap: a virile,strong,forceful and manly resolve which shines through. And I can see how that was more important during the seventies when less people were pampered.

I believe that when the world got more rules and everything was just being "taken care of" a lot of people lost character.