Flashy women, popular clubs and dance clubs


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2020
How do I pull flashy women from a club? Flashy women are the type of women I desire. Typically the same people attend the same places and already seem to know everyone. I feel it is a hard place to practice because the women/men will return again. 95% of men aren’t getting laid and there seems to be a 9-1 ratio of men to women. Are there other venues where I can find flashy women? Any tips or any men who aim to get better with these types of women and venues.

J Wick

Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Dec 25, 2012
You’re asking very general questions about a competitive place.

There’s no way around it, you have to put in the work.

Everyone wants those flashy girls, so you’ll have to really put in the work.

Are you going out to those clubs and putting in real effort? Making FRs? Because that’s how you’ll get good. Not some magic technique, but instead consistent action, experience, and the tips from here to help you correct mistakes.

Honestly, those flashy girls probably aren’t worth it. You can find easier girls who are just as hot (just not done up with hours of make up and dancing like a freak for maximum attention) in a more receptive mood elsewhere.

But if you’re serious about gaming them, then you better start stepping up, and putting in the work.

-You might want to start a journal. We don't really know much about you, your experience level, your goals, etc.

-You can read up on club game and attention seeking girls on GC's articles

-You should be going out to clubs if that's where you truly want to pick up

-Then come back and make some FRs


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Sep 1, 2019
With the amount of basic questions you are asking you should consider buying some kind of PUA product. It will give you basic knowledge on all aspects of the journey.

Go out and befriend the type of girls you are interested in. Study them. What's their value system? What do they like? How should you game them?
And then it's trial and error. Approach, get to a point in the interaction, get rejected. Analyze what you did wrong and read up on material related to the mistake. then approach again.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Sep 2, 2016
There isn't some magic method, i'm afraid.
Having 'game' will help (basically charisma. Not be too boring. Have the guts to escalate etc)
In practical terms, this is things like teasing, cold reads, flirting, sexualising convo, humour etc. Nothing magic, i'm afraid and unless you have lived in a cave, you don't really need to 'learn' this stuff, as such. It should be kind of obvious.

Talk to them, flirt and see if they are into you or not. Some of them will be as long as you aren't 100% NOT their physical type. Escalate on the girls who are into you. Move on from the girls who aren't as you'll be wasting your time