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Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 2, 2021
FM is For Motherfucking.

This is the absolute music thread on the forum. Whether curiosities, vibes that don't scare hoes in your pull pad or car, and or psychology explored through music...We vibin fr

Let's set some ground rules.

1. This is the best music thread on the forum.
2. I am the best movie reviewer on this forum

that's it.

Drop music or just lurk as you like.

The Flavor for this post is

Women Simpin/TinkerBelles

1st Tinkerbell is an icon of the women simpin movement.

2nd Whether you are deep in oneitis, feel like you aren't hitting your marks, and or just want to reflect on some of your impact on women in the past as a powerful and improving man - these eclectic babes from all over the world will have something for the men that inspire this in them.

Or just gets his dick wet haha here are the bops.

1. Giving You the Best That I Got - Anita Baker (Smooth R&B)

She in love love.

2. Can't Help Lovin' That Man - July London (Jazz)

Definitely not a song that'd be embrace nowadays haha but wahey

3. Cyber Stockholm Syndrome - Rina Sawayama (throwback 2000s Hyper-Pop)

This one might seem a bit subversive to the theme, but in actuality it isn't. She went out specifically looking for that man to simp for but as usual the cyberwebs is all she has that gets that fix. Socialization is backwards and this story is not only hers but many of the chicks some dudes (hopefully not you) simp for on social media. and it's a banger)

4. Kiss It Better - Rihanna (Dark R&B)

Typical bad boy and girl sorta autorejected but deeply enticed by his wiles and rhythm in bed. You want a chick this intoxicated? This is what it sounds like

5. Oh My God - Adele (Electronic sorta country-ish pop)

She is DEEPLY pulled to this man. She wants him to encompass her and in moments like some of the other women earlier defends him and her decision to fall helplessly for him...

6. Hope We Meet Again - Laura Marling (Singer Songwriter Lushness)

She is imprinted by that lover you don't ever forget about even if she is no longer with him. "His words are good"...sweet song. I wonder if sets think about me at all later on.

7. I Couldn't Love You More - Sade (Groove pop)

Just a grooving simple to the point elegant woman stating her devotion and boundless love. Just simpin

8. No Love - Lyves (Alt Pop&B)

She SUPER SUPER simpin but this song is a bop give it a listen.

9. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

She neo-direct approaching a complete chad in this absolute bop of a tune.

If this don't make you move you are not alpha bro stfu.

10. Put It Down - Jazmine Sullivan (Head bopping trap&B)

I read @Skills personal blog quite a bit and some of his stories make me think he makes women like this haha.

Pimp shit plus I could imagine him milly rocking to this shit. This song is an ode to all my players/playettes who don't have the best logistics but through their charm they overcome.

That concludes our tunes for the day.


Feb 3, 2020
+1 for that Rihanna song.

Following woman simping and/or butthurt singing theme:

Super OG Pop - You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt:

Kinda OG R&B/Pop - We Belong Together by Mariah Carey:

Modern R&B - Nights Like This by Kehlani:

Modern Latin Urbano - MAMIII by Becky G and KAROL G:


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Aug 23, 2013
These songs get girls nuts. (the lyrics...)

and of course some good french music...

Not sure what genres you are looking into but I heard this one in a club and it created a crazy vibe...

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