1. M

    The Return Of The Mack

    Intro- 11/15/21 Wassup playas! I'll be chronicling my adventures with women, along with what I'm thinking about during the process, in this journal. Back in my high school years, I had some success with women without knowing pick up artists even existed. I pulled mostly from social circle...
  2. Water

    Health Meteora's Fitness Journal.

    This won't be like a daily journal, but more of an occasionally updated one. I am going to copy and paste one of the last things I wrote when I was in amazing shape. This is copied and pasted from the most recent PUBLIC fitness post I have, I don't want to find the newer private ones. Not...
  3. Beck Bass

    Beck Bass' Daygame Journal

    So I'm starting this new journal because my other one was more of me telling my past experiences with nightgame (I still wanna finish that, but it feels like a lot of work right now). I just moved and now I'm living 100% solo, in a nice part of town, also I did like two approaches during...
  4. Darius

    Becoming great

    Hello everyone, I'm starting this journal to detail my progress and journey in improving and maintaining my social skills, particularly with respect to day game. I'm Darius, and my objective is to 'become Great' -- history buffs will know about Darius the Great, lol. That is, become a dominant...
  5. Nicko

    15-year-old meets seduction

    Prologue: Seduction changed my life besides discovering what i have is a 'penis' in first grade. Currently 14 turning 15 in 2 months discovered game by accident on r/redpill when i was 12-13. Grew a pair of balls and decided its time to cold approach and get laid with a 4 inch asian chopstick...
  6. Nicko

    FR Cold approach from a 15-yr-old

    Prologue. (. ignore it if u dont care) Im technically 14 turning 15 in 2 months :) In the previous post of mine i wrote on 'cold approaching older girls at 15' i would cold approach next week but i couldn't be fucked so i did it the day after so lets jump right into it ill most likely keep...