Long-Term Fools Rush In


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 21, 2012
Whatever you do before you get in a long term relationship with any girl is to actually know who she is. I've been in relationships where the girl wasn't actually who she said she was. Sometimes girls want to fit your ideal model of a girlfriend or maybe you want her to. The truth is you can't force a fit. No matter how bad you want the square peg to go into the circle hole, it won't fit naturally. In the end you're doing way more harm than good, and you'll both feel cheated.

This is why having a clear idea of what you want in a girlfriend is essential. Do not settle and also listen to people who can provide good and honest feedback. More than that, listen to yourself! If this girl seems off to you, go with your gut. Even if you spend 3-6 months with this girl, that's 3-6 months of your life wasted. I don't believe in saying one girl can be "The One" because I've met several girls that could have fit that category. It's one thing to be sleeping around with a girl or keeping her in your life. But someone who's going to be around for a year or two, that's a problem. This is why having your plan is important. Either she'll ask, her friends, family, your friends, etc... someone down the line is going to ask what you're planning on doing with this girl.

I've seen plenty of my friends, myself, siblings waste time on a mediocre girl. Go for a woman of quality, get the best you can. My mentality for relationships is I don't get in another relationship with a girl unless she's better than my last girlfriend. This also includes taking time to get over my ex. You always want to keep upgrading and doing better. There are tons of women and it takes time to evaluate but to save yourself from time, money, and heartache avoiding rushing into a relationship.


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