LR  Friends don't let friends not get piped up


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Sep 21, 2016
After napping and working out I hit up my buddy to go to the bar - him and I are mad tight so I told him I was trying to cut back on my drinking. We get to the bar and immediately some guys I've gone to a concert with / partied with come up to me very happy to see me. My pledge brother was there and so we got rowdy for a little bit, but I kept in mind that I wasn't going to get that drunk and got waters with every drink. Fun time.

There was this sexy blonde dancing and it literally gave me a half chub. I knew I would approach her at some point. My buddy was looking at girls, but wouldn't approach. I told him if he gets eye contact he has to approach, but he never did. He's exceptionally good looking so it's disappointing his anxiety cripples him so. I even told him I'd take a bullet and wingman! Maybe next time.

Then I go up to the bar next to the sexy blonde. There's a guy in a suit who just bought 20 shots, and he immediately gives two to my friend and I. I say, "Maybe I'll take one if she does!" - not exactly a good frame, but it showed interest in a fun way.

After that I open the blonde, and she's drunker than I thought. We exchange names, she says my name is generic (lol) and then she says she'll be right back and leaves. I talk to the older guy for a second then go back to the table with my pledge brother. I wait around till I see her again and then approach, going for the hook at this point.

We chat and I'm being more flirty and touchy this time, she's more engaged and smiling, but then she keeps asking what my name is. I slowly tell her more hints and then tell her. "Oh. *face loses all emotion, gives me a thumbs down* Yeah that's a really basic name". I laugh and go back to the topic before that and she tells me she'll be right back again and leaves with her friends. I think this was just her form of rejection.

There's no way a girl can be THAT shallow lol. We're born with our names, plus my name is dope ;-*

I see two girls from my high school and go up to them. One of them is a decently good friend of mine, one is a girl I've had my eye on for a while but never talked to all that much (she used to date one of my friends), a pretty blonde. We banter and I start deep diving the one I'm interested in. She's a bit chunkier than last time I saw her, but I'm okay with a little thick (dat ass doe), so long as she doesn't have a gut. I leave to get a drink and come back to them, chat, then leave again to my good looking friend.

He's been walking around alone while I've been talking to girls, but wouldn't approach. I basically tell him, I'm gonna fuck that chick and point to the blonde. Then he goes home, I think he called up his slam.

As I start walking up to them, the blonde literally runs up to me and tries to kiss me. I go, "ah ah ah" (like no, no, no), and she's all like "what?? why?!" and I just do a little pushing and pulling, never allowing her to kiss me. I tell her "we're gonna have an after party at my house, you should come" and she agrees. I try to pull her right then and there but her friend is talking to this other guy and they aren't ready to leave yet.

I wait around and start getting more physical with the blonde. It's working and I try again to pull her right there, but then the friend comes over and they wanna stop and get food. We go to get food and I flirt and shit, chase framing both of them the whole time. The guy is a pussy and just sits there laughing at what I'm saying, not contributing to the conversation at all.

I feel like after a certain point you just need to hit some crucial points with the mindset it's in the bag, and that she's the one trying to fuck you.

Then the crucial point hits and I just say I'm calling an uber, you guys are coming. And they comply. The blonde is all, "I'm gonna sit shotgun! I love shotgun!" and I grab her arm and tell her we're sitting in the backseat. She gets excited and complies. The other guy doesn't come since he lives down the street. I find out later the girls think he's gay. We get more physical in the uber and banter with the driver.

He takes us home and I try to get her in my apt, but the friend is going to her house a street over. They invite me and rather than risk it cuz of some bullshit I oblige. They give me a quick tour of the house and then we go downstairs. Her and I are sitting on the couch and she starts being weird. I'm moving my hands all over her, and then they go to the bathroom.

I can hear their whole conversation lol. "What's holding you back??", "He's.. I don't know.... He's so hot!!", "So then do it! You're telling me you're not gonna fuck a hot guy when I'm sitting here because [other guy] pussied out?". Haha, thank you.

After that we banter in their kitchen a little bit and then she pulls me to her room and we start hooking up. Ehhhh she has a gut. Fuck it, her face and shape is hot and she has experience in bed. I try to give her the 3-course meal of making her cum by fingering, eating out, and then sex, but at climax of the excitement (sex) I have whiskey dick. I chill out for a sec and try to get it up, understanding I might be over thinking it, we try again and no, it's like 3/4 up.

Similar to my last lay, I whisper all kinds of dirty shit in her ear about what I'll be doing to her when I wake up (I did around 4:30), and then I proceed to do exactly that. Fun stuff.

Tried to fuck again in the morning but then she had work.

Not a whale, but definitely could shave off a few pounds.



Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Apr 18, 2016
"What's holding you back??", "He's.. I don't know.... He's so hot!!", "So then do it! You're telling me you're not gonna fuck a hot guy when I'm sitting here because [other guy] pussied out?"
I laughed out loud at this.

What is the opposite of a cockblock?