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Space Monkey
space monkey
Jul 30, 2020
Today's outing began at 5pm with a 3.5 mile walk through an area of Chicago that gets a lot of foot traffic most times of the day to a Starbucks open until 10pm, and ended just now (6:26am), back in my buddies bedroom. Highlights included 30 minute chat with two girls in early 20s, both very drunk; having a "10" hold my hand briefly while I was tagging along with this other group; and getting two phone numbers, both in passing, both girls I am looking forward to seeing in a bedroom setting. So much has happened since 5pm last night that I don't even know where to begin. My encounters were all positive and there were so many sexual encounters I can't even begin to say. Women throwing their pussies all over the place but I didn't "close" so...

On the walk I make goofie faces when I talk to people, and I ride this rather wild emotional roller coaster, which, I suppose, began well before I even set foot in the street. I use up my tokens on rides I haven't fully investigated in advance and, punch drunk, contemplate literally stumbling into a cute girl I'm suddenly right on top of in the middle of a crowded pedestrian crossway. I don't, but instead spend my time in Starbucks decompressing and reassessing.

Three hours later I make my way to one of the nicer spots I've encountered in Chicago, where I chat up a male 32 y.o. traveling tech consultant I was seated next to at the bar and two female early 20-somethings sitting a few seats away from the dude and, it would turn out, celebrating a promotion. I moved over to them after a solid conversation about that and that, and spent thirty minutes easy with them. They said they couldn't believe I'm forty and promise me that some guys are exempt from the "creepy" label, myself included. Wound up talking to the hot one alone outside after other got Uber. She said she got dumped from a three year relationship and wants nothing to do with men...and her energy, I could finally tell, was extremely shut down. Coiled and ready to pounce, in other words. I'll bet all the interactions we had had were helpful for her, because they were harmless/innocent and I never pushed her when she put up those gnarly walls. No numbers yet at this point.

Went to another bar and latched on to a group of mid twenty-somethings. This one dude I wound up winging with late- like after 2am, and he said he's been with 80 women. He's not into this stuff but he's operating on a very high level. He's only here for two weeks, can't host, and had no interest in exchanging numbers.

This 20s asian girl said she thought I was cute as she walked pas me and out this venue we were walking into (prior to being one on one with party boy). I followed her out to her car and got her to take my number. She called me right then so I have her number.

Finally, I was wandering around the late night district and this very sober, very foxy african american girl says something nice to me, says I can walk with her, and asks me what my type is. I said something like, "I'm looking right at it and I'll prove it," and put my hand around her hip. Her friend who was turning thirty fell completely on the ground and flashed us all, and that was about the end of the night!

So I have two numbers from last night and it's on with one of them for sure...if I don't spoil the mood!
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