Socializing Handling Disagreements


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 21, 2012
Some of the most powerful ways to build attractions is disagreeing with women in the right way. ;) It's important not to come off sounding condescending, arrogant, cocky. Rather you handle it in a cool way.

Girl: Iron Man is one of my favorite super heroes. :)
Guy: No way! Iron Man blows!

Girl: Iron Man is one of my favorite super heroes. :)
Guy: That's cool, I like Spider-Man better because I can relate to him more.

Both disagree, but one comes off as an asshole and the other says who he likes without bashing her idea. Remember voice tone and how you say something can mean more than what you really say. The first guy blows up at the girl waving his arms like a child, well he blows. If the second guy says his answer calm and in control the girl will respect him way more. I know these are simple examples but they can handle bigger disagreements too.

Reason: The reason being no matter if someone agrees with your opinion or not you can still be in control by being logical, firm, and knowing what you're talking about. Sometimes, it's just best to admit that you're wrong.

Example: "I get what you're saying" or "My bad". Saying sorry makes sound weak, and women hate weakness. This goes along with body language and not looking down when you talk either.

Take care,

Just Dave