How many positions?

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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 24, 2015
How many positions are you doing before you have your FINAL orgasm?
With a woman living with me now, with a great sex drive, I'm looking for ways to add variety.
I'm conflicted on how position changes can interrupt the vibe and flow of the processes. I usually like to switch positions after I give the woman one or more orgasms. Here are some different scenarios:

Scenario 1 - long love making sessions with a multi orgasmic woman. (Weekend sex)

Foreplay: Nipple sucking and secondary erogenous zones, and kissing.
Cunnilingus to first and second orgasms, could stack a few more if things rolling well.
as she is catching her breath, go into modified Missionary with lots of eye contact. Take that to the next orgasm or two. Change angles between orgasms and switch in the post orgasm breathing break
Finish with Doggy or if I'm feeling particularly high on endurance, put her ass on a couple pillows and thrust into her while standing on the edge of the bed. Combination of slow deep strokes hold the tip of my dick in Gspots and deep spot locations, with hard deep thrusting.
Finish in Doggy on the bed where I can get the stroke length and rate to the point where I can come. If I have gone this long, I might be a little de-sensitized. This duration may be dependent on her lubrication level as well

Scenario 2- Morning Sex

Kissing and nipple play where upon adequate arousal she goes on top and takes herself to completion. I finish, Cuddle, get up and make coffee.

Scenario 3 - Night out sex
Arrive back home and kiss passionately she grabs my dick and begins giving me head while I undress her. Get my pants off and If feeling particularly athletic lift her on to me and do some standing thrusts. Either way throw her on the bed for hard and fast missionary. The fast, passionate aspect of this usually leads to a quick intense orgasm for her. If I'm still going, roll over into Doggy style to finish

Scenario 4 - Shower sex
She starts with giving me a BJ then we go into standing Doggy with her bent over. Really need a short footstool for her to stand on for this to really work.

Given that there are a few Key positions that are winners, Looking for ways to modify them to add some novelty
For Example:
Missionary: Legs bent. Legs on shoulders
Her Laying, Me standing: Same as above^, Legs together
Doggy style: Both standing, Her bent over arm of couch, counter, or on bed,
Her on Top: Chest to chest, Her braced on her arms, her sitting erect

Any thoughts from the group?


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jun 24, 2019
You could try some kinkier stuff, like her laying on her back and fucking her mouth.

Another one I like is both of you laying on your side in doggy, you can wrap your arms around here, play with her breasts, clit, choke her etc. And it's easy on the body/not as tiring as other positions.

Another is doggy but you hold her arms behind her, like reigns.

Another - this is tougher - you're kneeling, she's almost propped up on you but she's holding herself up with her arms behind her facing you.