How often you DON'T have sex with a girl you bring home? (100 lays >only)


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Aug 25, 2014
Middle East, Asia, Africa
Hey Skills,

50% is the overall date-to-fuck ratio. About half of the time, the pull happens on date 1, and the other half on date 2. I very rarely go beyond date 2. I normally don't bounce between locations, as I try to keep the total date within 2 hours (there are more interesting things to do in my home :)). If I see that she may not be ready yet, I do a second date, rather than a bounce.

My system is very similar to BlackDragon's (though I derived my system before I knew about BD). And it is mostly based on online apps. I screen out the time wasters very early, so when I get her on a date she is most likely (i) available, and (ii) interested. Maybe that explains the high success rate.