How to avoid the scheduling conflicts when setting up dates?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 28, 2019
So I have a date set up with a girl for Thursday.

Originally, she asked me if Friday would work better, I explained to her that I have work, and re-framed it if Thursday would be better.

I'm still new to setting up the logistics, what would be the best way of setting up a time frame that works for both parties without coming off as desperate or showing that I have too much availability?

Could you kind gentlemen maybe give me some pointers or ways to re-phrase it?

Like for instance if I said, "Hey xxxx, how's your week going? Let's grab some coffee or drinks."

"Yeah sure, I would be down to!"

"How about Wednesday at 8?"

"No, I'm sorry, I have work, how about Friday?"

What would be a great way of re-scheduling it?


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jun 24, 2019
For starters, don't set your dates like that. "How about Wednesday at 8?" This is an easy way to say no and then you're in a bind.

Always say something like - what's your schedule like this week, or what are a few days you're free this week (I like using this one the best), or when are you free next?
There's lots of ways to ask.

Given your current situation however, I'd go with, "I could do Friday, but only after 6, so how about 6:30?"
That way you still look busy.

But at this point just focus on blowing her mind on your date. :)