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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
South Florida
Singing will totally help you and increase your ability to open, after situational openers this is one of my favorite way to open..... There are many ways to do this:

- if in the loud club you can lip sing (this i did for year since English was a challenge)

- or you can just sing

^ now what is the goal of singing is pretty much to force an approach invite

this will make your openers 10 times easier, now some songs and singing works better than other make sure you target the right demographic (more on this later)

- i recommend really catchy songs, that are fun, entertaining and women love.... (if you don't know, places like tiktok can help, you will realized which one are the women catchy songs)....

For example back in the days i open with bae bae bae bae, work really worked to open women:

Last week i open a bunch of girls with adi adi adi adi, they all open:

^ again the goal is to get approach invites and to open and trust me they open super easy..... Now some tips:

- you must possess a personality (again saddens me that most puas have some of the most boring to no personalities on the face of the earth)

- you have to deliver with happiness and enthusiasm...

- if you want to fuck around dancing ok(but no needed)

in night game works better in no loud areas like patios, stairs, streets, entrances....

in normal street game works pretty much everywhere...

Just be careful with demographic, make sure the girls are certain age, some milfs for examples would not know adi adi adi....

As always, try, field test, understand concepts, implement....


Space Monkey
space monkey
Apr 7, 2021
Even if you can't sing at all, singing lessons will improve your speaking voice so quickly it's something I would recommend to literally any guy that can afford it. (Sorry if this is off-topic I will be quick).

-So we all know a deep voice is an advantage.
-But also, an expressive voice can be useful for catching attention, or ramping her emotions.

So how about deep AND expressive? That's usually what (male) voice lessons will do...But whatever the exact changes are, I 100% believe
singing lessons will make your voice IRRESISTABLY sexy to girls....source: 30+ vocal lessons over a year, constantly complimented on my voice.

(especially when i was working a tech support phoneline.... If you're doing this on the phone and they start giggling, you got her....)
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