How to Write a Wingman Description for Yourself


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Oct 9, 2012
Hey gents,

I'm seeing a bunch of posts here where guys just say "Hey I'm in city XYZ. Hit me up if you want to wing."

And some people will probably contact you for that. But most are not going to, even if they are in your city and might want a wing.

It is like anything... if you go on a job board and find a post that says "Hey we're hiring in city XYZ. Hit us up if you want to apply" and there's nothing there about what field the job is in or what it pays or what the hours or duties are, you are only going to get a certain kind of applicant. Most of the most employable people are not going to bother applying.

Or if you go on Craig's List and see a post that says "Hey I'm a woman in city XYZ. Hit me up if you want to chat" and there is no picture or other details. Unless you are really hard up for women right now, you are not going to bother with that -- this chick could be obese, she could look like John Travolta, you just don't know what you're going to be getting.

If you're going to post looking for a wingman, put the extra two minutes into it to describe yourself and where you're at.

I suggest you give a few pieces of information:

  • Your name, age, and how long you've been in town
  • Background: just a sentence or two about your background in the game and how experienced you are.
  • Where I meet girls: where you practice game, or intend to. If you're flexible about where you go out, indicate that here too.
  • Whom I'd like to meet: very important, so people will know if they should contact you or not

Like so:

Hey, name's Jeff, 31. I've been in Washington, D.C. about three years now.
Background: I've done cold approach pickup off and on for about a year and a half. I've mostly met girls through parties historically but I'm trying to get more into day game now. I can get phone numbers and dates pretty easily, and lay about half my dates.
Where I meet girls: mostly house parties. But I've been going to Georgetown and the Waterfront for day game recently. Sometimes I hit up Adams Morgan for night game. I'm pretty open to gaming in other areas though too.
Whom I'd like to meet: I need someone I can approach with to help me stick with my going out routine. A skilled guy to learn from and run with would be cool, but if you're a beginner and you're willing to stick with it, I can work with that.

Here's a different example:

Hi, Leo here. I've lived in Seattle all my life.
Background: I'm a natural. I was at 150 lays by the time I was 23. Since school I've mostly focused on dive bars. I'm 28.
Where I meet girls: all kinds of bars, mostly dives. I don't like clubs. Have never day gamed, but the idea interests me.
Whom I'd like to meet: I'd like to meet someone good, who is laid back and knows how to pull. You don't have to be at my level, however you should be at least decent with girls. Hit me up if you want to meet.

Also keep in mind you will not be able to direct message other users if you have fewer than 10 posts here.

And others will not be able to direct message you if they have fewer than 10 posts either.

There are also going to be people reading your post who are lurkers without a member account and cannot PM either way.

So if you want others to contact you, and do not want to do the contacting yourself, if you want to increase your odds of getting a response, I suggest you create a second email account just for this and link it in your post.

e.g., "email me at or send a PM."

Then just set that email to forward to your main email so you see any email when it comes in.

Do these things and you should get a lot more and higher quality responses, quite possibly from more advanced members.