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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Feb 5, 2017
New York City
I'm back fellas ;)

So I met this girl last week. I approached her in the evening directly and talked to her for a few minutes before swapping numbers. You can read my text messages here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=19234#p97904. We set up a date for today. I honestly had forgotten what she looked like, so I was happy to see that she was really cute, and deep blue eyes, with some nice curves too.

Anyways, we meet at a park, and I talk to her for a little bit, asking her what she's been up to recently. I suggest three different things we can do, all in the direction of my place. I suggest coffee, a hot chocolate, or going to a bar to play shuffleboard. She says she wants hot chocolate so we walk to the hot chocolate place. We spend a while there, and she's playful/touchy the entire time, and I'm being pretty dominant as well. I'm not nervous at all and I'm not nervous about hugging her or touching her.

We end up at the chocolate place and we talk for a while. I'm doing a decent job deep diving her on topics and relating to her as well. It's interesting because we are super opposites on a lot of things, but our fundamental personalities and attitudes seem quite similar. We're both facing each other and our legs are kind of touching, but not really. I noticed that there wasn't enough of a flirty vibe, so I started touching her legs a little while making more jokes. I also started changing my smiles from open-mouth to more close mouth. She opened up a bit more, and we got to talking about her misinterpreting of my text where I mentioned that I loved to "boulder myself". I said that I thought she must have assumed that I was talking about some kink that I like, and I made fun of her for continuing to text me after that. That conversation I think ramped up the sexual tension to a better level. We got pretty deep, and I think I did a good job keeping it light. Honestly it was a lot of fun and felt very natural. She asked me a question about what I want, and I told her that I loved adventures, and that I felt that adventures and new experiences were what made life great. I reflected the question on her and she mentioned that she wanted stability. But the way the eye contact was, I think the sub-communication was clear, and I avoided a boyfriend designation. I paid for the hot chocolate and told her that she could cover the next place, since she had offered to split the bill. During the conversation she also mentioned that she thought I was confident and upbeat, and that she liked those qualities about me.

We finished the hot chocolate and I suggested we either grab wine, or go to a bar and play shuffleboard. She opted for shuffleboard, which was still in the direction of my apartment. We were walking pretty close to each other and were being a lot more physical. She was really warm and cuddly and was holding my arm and it was quite fun. We get to the shuffleboard place, and I ask if she wants to skip beer and just play the game, and she's down (money saved ftw). So I grab her hand and lead her through the crowd to the table. While we're playing the tension ramps up to a whole 'nother level. While playing, she pushes her butt into my crotch and wiggles it while aiming, so I start grabbing her more by the waist and touching her butt a little. While we're playing, she asks if I'm a confident guy, and I mention that the way I met her was pretty confident. And she challenged me by saying that she didn't think I was too confident. I just knew that she wanted me to kiss her, so I did. We made out for a few seconds, and then I broke away and she pulled me back in. This occurred a few more times during the course of the game. I can tell that she's ready to go, so after we finish a game, I ask her if she wants to bounce. And then I ask her if she wants to have some wine. I'm pretty sure the message is clear, and she happily says yes.

We walk back to my place holding hands and talk about our parents and grand-parents. After we reach my place, I pull out the wine and put it in my room. No point in that, because it is on from the moment I close my door. I think either I did a good job, or she's just confident and bold (bit of both I hope). She tells me she's on her period, and I told her that I didn't care. We have sex, and this is where the tragedy strikes. I think I do a good job with sex, given her moans and how she was holding me, but I couldn't cum. I still have blue ball ugh. I'm going to need to fix this issue for sure. We have sex for a while, and she says she wants to go on top, and my boner just dies. I have no idea where it went. We make out for a while, and I get semi hard, and I go on top again, and I'm able to fuck for a while longer, but I still am not able to cum. She mentions that she needs to use the bathroom, and then she asks what time it is and that she should head out. She doesn't actually seem in a rush though so I pillow talk with her for a little while, and try to make sure to cement positive feelings. I ask her whether she's ever gone out with someone who she met on the street, and she says that most guys are through bars, friends, or work. So I feel a little special. She asks me whether I pick up all my girls off the street, and I say only the ones who have qualities that are specific to her. I think I came across as a lover for sure. In the process of finding out more about her family, I find out that she's about 27, which is 5 years older than me, so I definitely don't think this can be a long term thing. But I had a lot of fun. I walk her to the train, and a little while later I send her a text saying thanks for a fun night, that I had a great time, and to text me when she reaches her place.

Overall, I think this girl was into me, and I was able to capitalize on it well. I'm also happy that we had a solid connection and that I was able to give her a good, positive experience that hopefully she'll remember for a while.

To the future.
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Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Dec 25, 2016
Awesooome dude.

From your report probably the girl had a cool personality.

To the future with plenty of lays.