Intro to seduction - Newbie guide to move things forward


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 12, 2020
After a while here on the forum , I noticed 2 main groups of people here :

1. The guys that are facing girl problems and looking for answers to some particular questions , that often time are just a symptom of their lack of seduction knowledge and lack of options

2. The guys who are really good when it comes to women , but are way too technical for a guy who just made his first baby steps into seduction to understand . Usually what happens is that they try to mimic exactly what they read here , without having the foundations needed in order to actually have results.

An intro about me :

Till like 6 years ago , I was a relationship guy ( by the time I was 24 , I had 3 relationship ( over 1.5 years with a pick of 4 years ) and 1 smaller one less than 1 year) and basically all the actual seduction was happening inside the social circle . I was reading seduction material mainly about sexual tension and stuff like that , so was not really a newbie when it came to seduction.

After my last relationship ended , which was also my longest one , I realized 2 important things . The first one is that after the breakup your social circle becomes way smaller , because well a good looking girl is more valuable than a guy , and that you will loose a lot of guy friends because they are trying to fuck your ex . In addition to this , I always had the feeling that I actually know such a small % of people , and was always curious what else is there , and if I can find higher caliber girls .

In addition to this , I also was facing a new challenge , which was that I accepted a job abroad , where basically I did not knew anyone and had to build my social life from 0 , so I built a simple mental model on what needs to be done so I do not have to masturbate all day long.

The simplified mental model looks like this

Intro -> The actual seduction -> Sex

Intro -> basically this is what the more advanced ones split into 3 : approach + hooking point + setting up a time to meet

The actual seduction -> this is what the more advanced refer to when they talk about : building rapport + sexual escalation

Sex -> this is what the more advanced refer to when they talk about : isolation + last minute resistance + the sex itself

For each part of the model , if you check the forum you will find so many techniques on how to improve the conversion for each part of the seduction process , so makes no sense to go into details , as from my point of view at the begging is not about how good the technique is , but more about getting the foundation on which to add the technique later on as your journey will progress .

By following the bellow oversimplified vanilla process , you will get reasonable results in a decent time frame .

Intro -> it is all about fundamentals ( having a good haircut that fits your face shape + having fashionable clothes that gives a manly vibe + passing the anxiety and having the courage to go and say something to the girl ( it can be direct , like "hey saw you and wanted to say high " ( this works best if you are walking on the street or something like that ) , or being indirect ( this works best if you are somewhere like a coffeshop , etc and it would be perceived as socially awkward to go and be direct about it . you can ask her what she is reading , if you can take a picture of her as you are an amateur photographer , or whatever other thing comes into your mind )

At the begging , I would not recommend night gaming , as things are moving way faster , and you just need some experience under your belt before doing it at a way faster and sexual rate .

Also , my recommendation is to never go out with the sole purpose of approaching women , but rather with the objective to do whatever you wanted to do and if it happens to see someone that you want to say hi to , just go and do it . This way of viewing things will help you with the approach anxiety , but also how you see yourself after you are rejected

Oh and the most important thing , don't be one of those guys that stays in one place in a crowded street that tries to open all the girls he sees , you will only look like an idiot :)

The actual seduction -> as a summary , just do not fuck it up :) . She agreed already to go out with you , so it means that she likes you

It does not matter for now if you give out a boyfriend vibe , or that you will have sex with her from the first date or not , or that she friend zones you or not . For now this are details , what matters here is that you are comfortable around women , being able to deep dive and build rapport with someone that basically is a stranger :)

Sex -> this is more or less straight to the point

Even if the objective here is to isolate and have sex with her as fast as possible , for now it does not matter if it takes you 10 dates to sleep with her or not :)

And the most important thing , be very critical about the mistakes that you make , and if you can not figure out things , you can always ask kindred spirits on this forum about feedback :)