Liam McRae


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Feb 13, 2013
I watched some videos recently of this guy, Liam McRae. Not sure if they are real or what, but he kisses girls within like 10-15 minutes of approaching them. The analysis he gives interspersed with what is going on in the video is pretty awesome. In one of the videos he starts out with a pretty powerful comment in his opener, about how the set is like a movie or something. This ends up being the premise for his close on the kiss later, when he tells her something like: "I feel like we're in a movie right now" and she says "I'll be your movie fantasy" and so he leads her up onto the platform curb and tells her they should kiss, then backs off the comment and says "well maybe we just hug, and then pretend we're going to kiss" and she hugs him really tight and then when he pulls back from the hug he just says "ok I'm gonna kiss you" and then does. Just awesome. He explains how he starts the physical touch with just a whisper in her ear, and then goes to placing his hand on her back as they walk through a crowd, and eventually holds her hand. It's like she keeps giving him green light after green light on his escalation attempts until the next steps in the process is a hug, then a kiss- but he accomplishes both at the same time. I'm thinking this is something I'll need to try once I get a little more advanced. Very powerful stuff.

Anyone else seen these videos?

Also, watched a couple videos of the Sasha guy. He comes off as a total d-bag. Or maybe it's just me, and the clown/comedian/funny guy type shit just isn't my style. I mean, the vibe I get from watching those videos is that the girl is startled at first, and then he goes on with all this corny shit he's saying. He seems like he is acting out and the woman is just going along with it and she's not genuine, but just really hoping he will hurry up so she can give him her number and flee like she does every other "nice guy".