Loner's Experiment


Apr 9, 2018
I am a 25 years old boy who have read more than 3500 books till today. But in the meantime I have lost my communication skill, especially with girls. When I get to talk to someone, I cannot generate sentences in my head as fast as other people do. I cannot eye-contact properly and my facial expressions look odd to other people. I am an alien in the world of mass people. Only the old men I can befriend with. I cannot communicate with same age people. Either I don't understand them or they don't understand me.
I am a student of Honour's Final Year in an University. In my college days, I wanted to have a girlfriend but I failed. In my varsity, new girls came every year and I tried again and again. But failed. Now, standing near the dead end of my university life I am trying heart and soul to understand girls. So I have come to this website. Before exploring this website I was doing some experiment on my varsity campus in my own way. Some of my statistic reports matched with the concept written in this website. But some concepts didn't match due to the difference of geographic location and cultural beliefs. I am going to share my experiments and experience here to you.
My experiments on girls
I am constantly doing research on girls psychology. So that, I can hack their mind and bring them on my bed. Psychology differs according to geographical locations and religion and culture. I live in Bangladesh. It is situated inside the Indian sub-continent. Most of the western psychology doesn't match with me. So I have to do my own research in my own way. Your local research result will also be most suitable for you.
(1) Face Registration
Every morning when varsity gate opens and students begin to enter, I seat down under a specific tree near the gate with my guitar. The tree is in such a place where no one can possibly avoid watching me. So, every girl must look at my face. And they also understand that I am a guitarist. They watch me one day, then another day, then again the next day. In this way they unconsciously take me as a known man. I am no more a stranger to them. A few days later they start talking to me and I start "Hi / Hello" with them. I ask them their names and later I call them by their names. So, gradually they starts believing me and come close. Then I start talking personally with them and keep developing the faith and dependence.
(2) Interaction
When a girl come close to me, I start physical interaction to engage her brain about my presence. So, that she thinks about me and I have a place in her memory. I either shake her hands or poke her with naughty smile, or I ask her to bring some food or water for me. Or I ask her to hold my guitar and go out for 4/5 minutes. Or I take loan from her. Or I gift her something. Or I spoil any of her things like bag or a book or anything else. Whatever I do, I actually force her to remind me later.
(3) Injection
I wait for a girl to meet me in a relaxed mood. Whenever I get one, I use mental injection. At first I match my mood to her and show her that I am relaxed too. Then I just let her speak on any topic. She talks and I listen attentively. Sometimes I appreciate and sometimes I respose negatively but politely. I make her understand that I am a good listener. When her talking tempo decreases, I mean when she is out of words, I immediately start talking about myself. But I also keep an eye on her to understand that she is enjoying this topic or not. If not, I change topic. Then I start injecting positive conception about me on her brain. But in a tricky way. In a lovable way. And obviously keep her in a relaxed mood. If she once lost the relaxed mood, she will go to protection mood and turn on all her mental shields.
Previously I could not even look at girls eyes. Now I talk to them with direct eye-contact. Sometimes I touch them and get their company. This is my success story. But I am not pleased by handshake only. I want to reach the ultimate goal, Take girls to bed.