Resident Looking For A Wing In NYC Area


Jun 20, 2022
New York
Heyo, (nick)name's Monet. 26 years old and been in New York for a few months now. Not passing through, here to stay.

Background: So I just moved, but back home I did cold approach pretty steadily for almost two years. Been reading GC articles and applying them for quite a while so I can sort of hold my own beyond the approaching part. I've always had beef with AA, and it was easiest to overcome with a wing. I moved from REALLY far away so the culture change has left me very fish-out-of-water-ish.

Where I meet girls: Usually events, where conversations sort of just naturally happen. Plus I'm an okay dancer so that gets eyes on me. But I don't always see the quality of women I want (or worse, makeup comes off and I get hecking bamboozled). I love daygame, but I'm open to trying out night game.

Whom I'd like to meet: Someone who'll help me follow through with approaches, celebrate the successes and learn from/laugh off the failures. Any skill level is welcome; the experience of a skilled seducer (I get the website title now!) would be great, but running with a newbie would be a blast too. I live in the Brooklyn area but I'm willing to commute a bit.

Welp, that's my story. Hit me up at and let's make shit happen!