1. I

    Have you ever got to deal with interlopers during daygame?

    In nightgame you can always expect some drunk guys doing this shit, but in daytime?! I had 2 occasions where some random dude tried to insert himself into my conversation even trying to get the number of the girl I'm talking with. When I talk to other gamers they're surprised, never had this...
  2. D

    FR Smart, avoidant girl, low sexual vibe?

    So, I have started daygaming recently again, after breaking it off with a girl I was dating till October. I'm at a point where I can get numbers consistently. Getting them out on dates is a hit or miss. This one didn't turn out to anything finally, but there was some stuff I've never...
  3. Steve Jabba

    Tom Torero Update, Is Daygame Low Value? I Troll Daygamers!

  4. Surveyor

    Older (25+) single girls in college: How to proceed?

    So I've met two different older girls (I use that word deliberately) in college recently. Both intellectual, in good shape for their age, apparently single, have their lives in order, quiet, slightly lonely, no red flags, both actively expressing limited interest in me. The first is 37 or so...
  5. Surveyor

    Surveying the Topography

    Welcome to my humble journal. I intend to post updates more or less regularly, but not daily. I'm a freshman at one of the hottest colleges in the country. I waited to start until the world went back to being vaguely normal, so I'm already 20. If you recognize my profile picture, I'm pretty...
  6. mav3rick

    Mav3rick Earns His Wings

    mav·er·ick /ˈmav(ə)rik/ noun 1. an unorthodox or independent-minded person. Allow me to re-introduce myself. I'm Maverick, and while I chose this name based on the dictionary definition, I'm on a mission to become Top Gun. Think of this journal as me taking you along for the ride as I go...
  7. Smash69

    LR SDL - Daygame - Cute Asian Milf

    This lay happened during the time I was hustling daygame like never before. I worked as a writer on my blog and from time to time I was taking a break for 1 hour to get into the city and molest cute girls. I went out as all the other days, but this time I was more chill as usual. I was dressed...
  8. monet

    Resident Looking For A Wing In NYC Area

    Heyo, (nick)name's Monet. 26 years old and been in New York for a few months now. Not passing through, here to stay. Background: So I just moved, but back home I did cold approach pretty steadily for almost two years. Been reading GC articles and applying them for quite a while so I can sort...
  9. Railer

    New Mission Debriefings

    Mission: Establish regular availability of sex with top-quality girls Rule: Username upgrade after successfully closing two cold approaches where girl considered "WOW" beforehand and maximum half operator's age. Restrictions: Solo-orgasm permitted only after every 10 cold approaches. Reward...
  10. phuasjn2

    PH's Daygame: I meet girls.

    Day 4 of day game, june 2022 Just one of those days where I didnt feel like sarging but I went out anyway because I already had it planned into the schedule. My mood was down, so I started pre-gaming by asking for directions (about 4 times). It was a really busy part of the city (Singapore...
  11. Calibration

    How many times a week do you go day gaming?

    How many hours on an average do you day game in a week or how many hours/day and days/week do you go out? What are the best times of the day to go out?
  12. S

    Daygame approach near the beach

    I wanted to start this journal to keep me motivated and accountable. I am new to pick-up. A little background. I grew up in a culture that does everything to keep women and men apart. Interaction between men and women were almost non-existent. That was a huge handicap after moving to a western...
  13. Calibration

    How to hold a conversation with socially unaware girls after approaching?

    Hi guys, TL;Dr : if a girl is not used to being cold-approached (regardless of the way I approach her - direct/indirect/situational etc) she'll Auto-reject even if she was attracted to me. How to overcome this? Sorry for the long post but I didn't want to miss out any details, that may be...
  14. LemurKing

    Resident Fayettville/Raleigh NC Wingman

    Piere is the name, Daygame is the... well Game Background Been doing day and night game on and off for about 6 months now but I started to hard and to fast and overwhelmed myself. I'm trying to start fresh with the fundamentals and build up from there. I live in Fayettville NC but can drive up...
  15. mav3rick

    The Return Of The Mack

    Intro- 11/15/21 Wassup playas! I'll be chronicling my adventures with women, along with what I'm thinking about during the process, in this journal. Back in my high school years, I had some success with women without knowing pick up artists even existed. I pulled mostly from social circle...
  16. Darius

    AIs and closeby boyfriends

    hey everyone, I recently went to a few outdoor events in my area, the kind that attract a lot of public. I did a few approaches when I saw obvious AIs, and noticed a trend. I would get a rather obvious AI from a girl, start a conversation (always indirect, i'm not ballsy enough to go direct...
  17. Darius

    First time going out for day game

    Hello everyone, I've recently gotten a bit disappointed with the number and quality of women that I am meeting through social circle and tinder. And, there are a number of things that I want to iron out when it comes to my vibe, which I think will require a lot of trial and error to get right...
  18. Beck Bass

    Beck Bass' Daygame Journal

    So I'm starting this new journal because my other one was more of me telling my past experiences with nightgame (I still wanna finish that, but it feels like a lot of work right now). I just moved and now I'm living 100% solo, in a nice part of town, also I did like two approaches during...
  19. K

    Daygame approaching groups of two girls

    Hello! I am an experienced daygamer. Up until now, I could always find solitary women to approach. Since Corona started, I have seen a change in dynamics and see that it's more common to see groups of two girls (at least where I live). I can't find opportunities to do 1 on 1 approaching as...
  20. Lobo

    LR Sex in the City

    "Just breath in".... "Yes... just like that"...."and now... breath out" …"focus intently... on how... it feels" I feel this warm beauty, resting on my arm, sinking deeper and deeper into a relaxing and pleasurable trance as I create this beautiful and comforting world for her using a seductive...