Man Source Of Unhappiness.


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 20, 2012
It struck me today.

Here's man and women source of unhappiness.

Fundamental: Thinking that women think like you, and women think that man are women.
Yes it sucks that women enter 'want a children' phase but you are not women. You must allow her to be.

State: I don't see a white man point of view. What i mean is where you stand from (mentally, perspective and before that, your beliefs)

and the last one below.

Red Ocean: The secret to making money online is business jargons, then product. Example, a headline: "How To Beat Chase Amante, Hector Castillo And Beat Barney for 24/7 title in just 5 minutes".

Don't Get Caught By Your Own Bullshit/Business Jargons. Which i seem to notice that GaryVee, Russell Brunson, every business man who is caught in it.

"Hard work" is a business jargon. It's actually testing and then doing all work of a business. It's hardwork of course.

i hope you guys get my message.

I am now 'Jesus Christ' level. I just revealed everyone's bullshit. So, go out there. Do your hardwork. Which means do the work, test, see results and the time taken. It's hardwork of course. But it is not business jargon or Zac selling you a $1000 course.

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