man up and get 'er done


May 21, 2020
I'd like to thank Chase for helping to create and maintain this space for our dying breed of males.

Starting this journal so I can look back at the end of the year and hopefully be proud of the progress I made from hundreds of hours practicing day game.

At this point, I think if I end up doing day game for 2 yrs, I’ll be surprised. Doubt I'll still be at it for 3+ yrs.

Been reading about day game for forever, probably only done 10 approaches in past 7 yrs, living in nyc and philadelphia.
Last approach was ~2 yrs ago in Philadelphia.

The reason I’m day gaming is I’m not sure what my sexual market value is.

After college, I had 4 yrs of being in monk mode for more school, and working hard for another yr right outta school. After getting my life set up to get serious about daygame in 2020, had to put it off till now, for obvious reasons.

31 yrs old (look 26. shave my mustache&goatee then probably 22. Asian genes)
A lot of hair
US born&raised. Asian parents. no one can correctly guess my ethnic descent (kind of unique mix of asian is what I’m implying)
Due to my appearance, I get asked if I surf and if I’m from California
You can tell I lifted weights for 7 yrs. BMI between 15-20%
In a highly sought after, well regarded profession that requires years of education (won’t tell girls my job, not initially)
I wear tight fitting clothes, but I don't care much for fashion. Majority of my clothes are from walmart

June 17, 2021. Bright, sunny, warm weekday
NYC manhattan

1- warm up set. South or central american, slim, hazel eyes, around 5’11”, wearing workout clothes crop top in a unique color. Confident. No mask. Circle stop. She kept walking
‘excuse me, hi, i think you’re cute’.
‘thank you, have a nice day’.

-She likely noticed me, but I walked behind her about 1/3 block before circle stopping her. Should have done the stop like 1 min sooner.
-Should not have complimented her on something she can’t change. I should have complimented her on her outfit.
-I don’t think I was smiling
-voice probably weak

2- Chinese, 5’8”, slim, wearing baseball cap and mask over mouth. Waited behind her on a long line inside Trader Joes. Initially had no intention of approaching bc not that attracted to asians, but we happened to be leaving at the same time. She walked out the door the opposite way I was going. Circle stop. ‘Excuse me, I was going the other way but I wanted to tell you I like your sense of fashion’. ‘Thank you’. She stopped walking when i delivered opener. Unfortunately, i encouraged her to keep walking in her direction, and mentioned again I had been walking the other way.
‘Where you from?’
‘I’m from here’
‘Oh, you were born in nyc?!’
‘No, China’
‘Oh, so you’re not from here’
At the intersection, she quickly said ‘Actually, I’m heading this way’ then walked off quickly, just to ditch me.

-Should have stayed stopped there to deep dive
-why repeat twice I’d been going the other direction?
-Probably didn’t smile
-My lack of attraction probably got manifested through my tone
-I assume I was extremely miscalibrated for her to be so interested initially, but bail so hard

3- white, mid forties, blonde, light eyes. Eye contact made as we passed each other on a narrow walkway. I immediately turned around and said
‘Excuse me, I think you’re cute, and wanted to say hi’
‘Oh, thank you!’
I didn’t realize her age initially

4- 5’3”, persian/middle eastern, green/hazel eyes, late twenties, waiting for the bus. Rly not attracted, but I needed the approach. Saw she currently attends the school I graduated from and chit chatted about her name tag. She was on the phone with someone and speaking a foreign language.

Approach anxiety fails
***girl walking opposite direction when we passed in crosswalk. Looked at me briefly, but rly obvious. Semi translucent black spaghetti tank top w/ C cups. I didn’t open her bc she was wearing a mask, but I stopped and turned around to look at her. Really regret not stopping her
***under a sidewalk shed, ambulance siren blaring, passed a girl walking opposite direction on sidewalk. She looked directly at me. Super cute, confident looking, looked like a professional model. Around 6’, white, light eyes, no mask or sunglasses. Really regret not stopping her. One of those girls I’ll regret for many yrs.

Now I'm f*cking exhausted, with nothing to show for it. asymmetric returns is a bitch to deal with. I nearly got a ticket for not paying the bus fare. walking is hard on my knees&feet. dating apps and escorts seem so good at the moment

approachesnumbersdatestotal minutes spent daygaming

*edited total minutes spent daygaming
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May 21, 2020
Went out Saturday and Sunday for about an hour each day. Saturday foolishly went to a tourist spot. There was a girl giving AI, but AA. Sunday was better spot. I saw at least 3 girls who look like professional models, walking alone, dressed nice, no mask. I stopped and stared briefly from a distance. I desperately wanted to approach those girls, but at the same time I didn’t. I don’t want constant rejections so early in my daygame journey, completely killing my self confidence, ego, and desire to practice daygame. Girl in whole foods gave a huge AI- stopped right in front of me, blocking my way...but her face was less than cute. Thinking back on it, she was hanging out at the entrance waiting and checking the guys that walked in.
I WILL force myself to open, seduce, and lay those less cute girls from now on.

This morning I was sitting on a Central Park bench in the shade, people-watching and eating chicken rice when an elderly 98 yr old woman using a rollator walker opened me. She spoke clearly and loudly. As she slowly passed in front of me, with steady eye contact, she asked me ‘What are you eating there?’
FUCK! And here I am- an approach anxiety-ridden bitch who can’t even open girls who give me approach invitations.
Fucking MAN UP and get ‘er done

June 21, 2021. Hot, humid, sticky weekday

- went out at noon for an hour, thinking i would catch the lone girls picking up lunch on the streets. It was bad out there. Struggled finding girls. The humidity was killing me, and obviously girls were avoiding it. Went back to my building, shook my head at my doorman and told him ‘I got nothing’. He whispers ‘there's a hooker there, huge tits, go talk to her’. On the couch in the lobby there's a latina mid twenties, wearing a long beige trench coat, bare legs, on her phone. I walk past her,checking her out from my peripherals, and into the mailroom to strategize. I’m standing there trying to come up with what to say for like 10 seconds. I come up blank. I was like fuck it, and I walk up to her and open by asking

‘can i ask you something’
She gives me a questioning stare
‘Do you think I should shave this off?’ I’m motioning to goatee

She asks me why am I asking her this and I explain I’m trying to attract girls, and I thought my hair is attractive, but I know it might not be and I’m open to suggestions. We get to talking about my hair and facial hair. She is very honest and genuinely wants to help me improve. She tells me I should cut my hair to shoulder length. When I repeat all the improvements she suggested, she emphasized where I should cut my hair by slightly parting her trench coat to touch her shoulder, no doubt to show off her ample cleavage and shoulder tattoo. She motions me to sit next to her, implying she wants to show me something on her phone. I sit, but she instead talks about finding skin cream and vaping CBD.
She asks if I’m going to take her instagram. I’m speechless and I freeze. She says ‘you wanna talk to someone who’ll give you honest advice.’ I reply ‘can i text you?’ She taps her number into my phone. I ask how long shes here for- she says I’m leaving tomorrow, I got in 5 days ago.
I ask what she does- ‘I’m a model and singer’. I hand her my phone so she can find herself on youtube, and I say i’ll listen to her song later.
She had asked to see my instagram, twice. First I said ‘instagrams not rly a guy thing, it’s more for girls’. The 2nd time she asked, she followed with ‘I mean, I don’t know you’... implying she wouldn’t reply to my text without seeing my insta, so i reluctantly found myself on her phone.
Unfortunately, every photo on my insta reveals my job, so when she asked what I do, I awkwardly struggled for like 10 seconds deciding if I should give my standard lie. Extremely reluctantly, i told her the truth. Fuck.
Eventually the ‘friend’ she told me she was waiting for comes down on the elevators, she sees him, and gets up. I take a look at her ‘friend’ - late 40s/early 50s, beer gut, messy hair, dressed in black T and shorts. He glares at me. I foolishly say to her as shes walking towards him ‘I’ll text you a pic after I cut my hair’. She doesn’t respond. That was an uncalibrated thing to say at that moment.

I come up with the idea to google her number. Surprisingly, she gave me her real number. Unsurprisingly, I found her escort ads. As I’m typing this, shes in his apartment probably getting fucked for the 2nd time

Suspect she wanted to make sure her ‘friend’ saw me with her, to make him feel some jealousy.

Went out for another hour for the after work girls. Dry heat i can handle, but the humidity left me hyperventilating. I watched a guy (40s) daygame a tall thin girl (20s). His opener was ‘you’re filipino, right?’. She was tapping on his phone for a while before giving it back, so i think she gave him her email? Very low effort approach. He was stationary on the street right next to the curb waiting for her to walk by him. Nice.
There were 3 cute girls i should have approached....but the humidity

approaches numbersdatesminutes daygaming

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May 21, 2020
After talking with latina escort, I made improvements to my body fundamentals- trimmed side burns, goatee, mustache. Went to work, where I work with like 10 girls, walked in and was like a car-length away from a bunch of the girls when they commented on my trimmed facial hair, saying it looks so much better and so I’m so much more handsome. I am completely surprised by how much of a difference that quick trim apparently made in my appearance. I legit thought what I had was more attractive, but evidently I looked like a homeless person. I am thankful to latina escort.
Made me realize I must be wrong about other stuff, namely my fashion fundamentals. I’m thinking wearing white undershirts as my pick up attire isn’t as great as I think

June 24, 2021. 76, sunny, perfect

Goals for this outing
-skip the models, playa. Go for cute girls
-take breaks

Warm up
/1- tried to approach a different girl in skintight workout clothes, but hesitated too much bc of AA and she walked too far away. Tired of walking so i post up on a window ledge facing an intersection thats hoppin’. Masses of girls in their 20s everywhere. A lot less guys & fat ppl than you’d think. With each traffic light cycle, there's a fresh batch passing in front of me, although 99% of attractive girls either in pairs/groups or solo with phone up to ear. Asian girl, 5’8”, hunter green yoga pants, nice full ass slowly passes in front of me. As she passes, I stare at her long, shiny, straight, black hair. She’s walking way too slow for a new yorker, intently staring at text on her phone. Initially, AA won’t let me get up and approach. But as everyone is jaywalking past her, she stays stopped at the curb. Now I’m basically forced to approach her. Circle stop.
‘Excuse me, I like your hair. You got any tips on what I can do to get mine to look like that?’
She stops immediately, she gives strong eye contact
‘Oh, thanks. I really don’t do anything. But I’m a nutritionist, so I eat rly healthy’

We go on talking about hair, but I start feeling like I gotta cut this conversation thread.
I ask ‘Are you single?’
‘Yes, I am single’
I feel a huge stupid grin form on my face.
‘Where are you from?’

She is originally from the same small country on the other side of the globe my parents are from. What are the odds?
I ask if she likes my long hair. She says guys with long hair isn’t her preference. lol shes fucking with me. ‘But you have nice hair’ she says.
We chit chat a tiny bit more, but I feel like I gotta end this quick before I fuck up- I was not smooth at all. Anyone could tell I don’t do this often, and there were a lot of strangers around who heard this conversation. I forget her name, she tells me for 2nd time, but she remembers my name. I number close and ask where she stays, she asks where I stay, then asks me to be more specific on East or West.
I end it with ‘Alright, I’m gonna let you go. Cya’
Ice breaker text sent

2- I break a rule when I talk with one of those annoying ppl whose job is to stop ppl on the street to ask for money to help feed starving children or whatever. I talk with him about daygame street pickup. I’m like, you’re probably rly good at it, right? He never tried it. As I’m talking with him, a girl passes with long brunette hair. 5’7”, white, slim. I tell the guy ‘I’m gonna talk to that one’. He yells, ‘Yea man, go for it, you got this!’. The girl heard him. Yea, that fucked me. Yea, I shouldn’t have talked about pick up. My fault. Before I even approach, I already had no chance. Circle stop. I look at her face...ehhh...retrognathic jaw.... Compliment her hair, her walking pace is rapid and doesn’t slow. Refuses to make eye contact. This is dead. I ask ‘Are you single?’. ‘No, I have a bf’. Yea, get me out of here. I say I’m gonna turn at this intersection. She’s like yea I’m turning left, and I say ok I’m gonna turn right. Don’t talk about pick up, you dumbass

3- I’m walking in this area too much. Other ppl who ask for money start to recognize me and one says ‘Oh, you’re back’. It's only an area that's a few square blocks that's highly concentrated with young ppl, and I’m also afraid the first girl will see me approaching other girls, so I head for the subway. Before going down the stairs, I tell myself I gotta do one more. 5’7”, white, slim, long straight dirty blonde coming up out the subway. I go for the approach. Exactly as I say ‘Excuse me’ she happens to turn around bc she wants to go back the way she just came. We literally almost crash into each other. She says I’m sorry. I don’t know how to recover and salvage this. I eject.

Take subway to 2nd daygame spot. Yea, there's attractive girls there, but not out alone. I need to pee. I go home. Do you guys just buy something from McDonalds so u can use their bathroom?
A lot of the super cute girls I saw today were with their mothers, or they were daughters being tourists with their mom, dad, siblings right there. Lifes a bitch

I might have smiled on approach. Didn’t pre-open. Too chicken to touch. Were so many models. Some heading from one photoshoot to another. I stared at one girl’s face, clearly a pro model...she had like perfect bone structure in her face, super super cute. Could have rested more...I spent every second I was out focused on girls. Most girls who were out walking alone wore masks. Maybe I’ll consider just approaching those and see what happens.
Right when I got to that first daygame location, I already had to pee but nowhere to go. That sucked



May 21, 2020
Heat wave forced an unwanted pause. All day rain forecast for the end of the week, and long weekend is massive federal holiday where city empties out. Life's a bitch

didn’t get reply to my date scheduler text. First number is first flake
I should use this to feel more motivated to go out to get more numbers, but tbh this is discouraging

June 25, 2021
Commuter rail into manhattan

1- This day after work, I’m mentally worn out. The nyc train is packed bc it's friday evening. I board the 2-level train looking for an empty row upstairs- all taken. I go down stairs, sit in the only open row, whip out my tablet to read GC.

15 minutes away from nyc the train slows to a stop. Then, the girl sitting across the aisle opens me!

She asks what stop I’m getting off at and asks if this train is going to nyc. White, early 20s, dirty blonde, without her 3” platform sandals shes 5’4”. After I tell her I’m getting off at nyc, and nyc is the last stop, I go back to my tablet.

But i think about it, and realize she obviously knows it's headed to nyc- there's constant announcements by the conductor saying it's nyc bound. So...she just opened me! Holy fuck, this girl has balls

I look across at her, shes looking at her phone. I hesitate, but realize I gotta talk to her quick, or it’ll get awkward. I scoot over from the window seat to the aisle seat and give a slight wave to get her attention.
Me ‘Whatcha doing in the city?’
She takes off her earbud and mask. She wants me to see shes cute. She has a nice smile.
Her ‘oh, I’m meeting with my friend. She’s gonna show me around. I’m moving to the city in like a month.

We converse some more. She keeps saying ‘what?’ like she can’t hear me, so i take off my mask too.

She is currently living with her parents out in the suburbs far from nyc. Just graduated college and is waitressing. Shes moving to the city for advanced education and an internship.

She has her phone propped up on her backpack, and shes angling it in a way that's like you're trying to use the camera, so it appears shes recording video of me.

I don’t wanna number close on the train and risk it getting awkward if she other passengers are turning to glance at us and obviously listening. The conversation dies when I don’t keep asking her questions.

As the train pulls into the station, I reopen her by asking how many times she plans on visiting nyc before she gets a nyc apartment, then we exchange names. We walk off the train. There's a lot of ppl, and I have to try hard to stay right behind her.

As we are lining up to get to street level, I ask if she wants to get tea or a bite sometime. ‘Sure’ she says, then taps her number into my phone.

She and I are actually headed to the same neighborhood. It's a hike walking there, and I know it's a bad idea to walk together- I’m not in the mood to force a conversation. We’d end up walking in awkward silence a lot.

Me ‘I don’t know if I should walk with you’
Her ‘I’m just gonna take an uber’
Ubers got a lot more expensive. You gots money’
‘nah I don’t care, I just wanna get there’

She suddenly stops and keeps staring at her phone. I quickly spin around to face her, but keep walking away backwards and say
Me ‘alright, I’ll catch you later

Icebreaker text sent.

Couple days later, sent a scheduler text, telling her to text me before she heads into the city next time so we can grab a bite or drink.

- the number she gave me- it looks fake, bc it looks like the number for a business
- wait and see what happens

June 27, 2021
Manhattan hot&humid

1- I get on the subway headed into Manhattan. Seated alone diagonal to me is a latina, early-mid twenties, sky blue&white patterned sundress, tan skin, red painted toenails, short brunette hair with streaks of blonde, black flip flops, 5’8”, slim, wearing mask.

The ride into manhattan is about 15 minutes. During the ride, she turns her head to face my general direction for a second. She does this like 5 times.

We get off at the same stop. Unfortunately, the escalator is broken, and its 5 flights of stairs to street level. And my backpack is really heavy.

At street level I’m 20 feet behind her. By the time I jog up to her, I’m breathing heavily. I open from the side

Me ‘Excuse me’
She turns her head to look at me and takes out her earbuds, but keeps walking
Me ‘You look really good in that dress’

I finally see her without a mask. I don’t feel attracted. The look on her face after I complimented her looked like disgust.

Her ‘Thank you’

She continues, I stop. The combination of my low attraction, her facial expression, how she keeps walking, and me out of breath made me eject.

Subway isn’t my preferred venue

-This direct opener isn’t working. too sudden, put her on the spot, vague observation. Plus I was out of breath. so she didn’t respond well.

-opening right after exiting the subway car was an option


May 21, 2020
Girl daygaming me

Sitting on a bench eating breakfast along the river when a woman approached & used a SitRel opener on me

Asian, baggy clothing showing little skin

I wasnt interested

She needs to improve her body and fashion fundamentals.
Her opener and voice was good.
From my peripherals i noticed her checking me out. She hesitated before the approach.
She should have transitioned from the opener to a new topic quickly, but instead kept going with her opener topic too long.

Girl going for what she wants, definitely praiseworthy
her overall approach gets a grade of B

September 2
weather rly cooled down a lot

Initially I was dressed in a form-fitting black T and dark blue soccer shorts.
Chatted with the doorman on my way out and he kept giving me shit about trying to daygame in shorts.
As we stood at the entrance talking, he’d critique the attire of the guys coming and going.
I finally gave in, went back up to my apartment to change into dark jeans, and on my way back out got his approval

He says I should ditch my backpack. But i dunno- then I’d have to hold onto my waterbottle the whole time

He said to go to a nearby park that i almost never go to.

I said alright fine I’ll try it

At the park, there's a girl sitting alone at those little tables they have set up. Her back is towards me, but I see her very long, silky, straight brown hair that goes all the way to her lower back. Shes on her laptop

I position myself at her 10 oclock, she removes her earphones.i open direct about her hair.

White pale skin, hazel eyes. Looks american. Dark top with short shorts.
face is ehhh... if I had walked from the other direction and seen her face this might not have happened

I do a cold read about her school and guess shes at NYU
Shes in high school and lives in Germany.
But her english is perfect!
she gets that a lot.
I ask her age. 17. I said she looks older.
she gets that a lot, too.

been in nyc 3 days, with another 1.5 weeks until going back to Germany.

She intends to study physics at a german university.
She asks what I do, and unfortunately I manage to fuck this up.
I tell her the truth about what I do, but as I was saying it i felt my body language become weird, and i broke eye contact and looked up.
To her, it definitely was a red flag. She must have thought I was lying.
I’m gonna start lying and say i’m an artist. fuck

We talk for 5 min. Then I pull out my phone and go for the number close. ‘You wanna hang out sometime?’
She doesn’t answer that...I get the feeling this is a wrap

Instead she asks how old I am. I have her guess- she guesses 20 or 21. I fuck up again here and tell her 29 (I’m 31).

I say if she can’t tell what age I am, does the number really matter? She doesn’t respond to that.

She then awkwardly changes the subject by asking me if I know of any good coffee shops around where she can go to work on her paper. At this point she suddenly started acting rly nervous and her voice got weak so I had trouble hearing her.

I start telling her about a coffee shop, but it's kinda obvious she isn’t actually interested

I ask if she thinks I’m too old. She says “I’m 17 and you’re like 30 so don’t you think thats a little much?”

I make sure not to show any emotion, put on a little smile, and say my goodbye.

I turned around to leave and saw a 75yo lady at the next table gawking at me lol
Lady hope u enjoyed the show

-eye contact improved. A lot of strong eye contact from both her and me
-led conversation well. cut threads

-couple times she couldn’t hear me so i repeated myself. Weak voice
-acted weird when saying my job. I’m gonna say artist
-regarding age, just go with whatever the girl guesses

Shes got huge fucking balls. 17, in a foreign country traveling alone, sitting in a park chillin.
She was super confident...initially
when it came to rejecting me, suddenly she became shy


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jul 2, 2021
September 2
weather rly cooled down a lot
Overall good job man! Your awareness will take you far!

This is what I picked up on that I think would help you in your next set.
She asks what I do, and unfortunately I manage to fuck this up.
I tell her the truth about what I do, but as I was saying it i felt my body language become weird, and i broke eye contact and looked up.
To her, it definitely was a red flag. She must have thought I was lying.
I’m gonna start lying and say i’m an artist. fuck
You don't need to have perfect body language or eye contact to get laid. I think it was more of you freaking out that she picked up on.

You never know if she thought it was a red flag.

You didn't mention your tonality or rate of speech either.

I'd recommend you don't start lying if you cannot tell the truth confidently and boldly. I know it's weird, but I'm just saying you aren't ready to lie nor do I recommend you take the route in such a low stakes set.

After all you are just talking to girls.
We talk for 5 min. Then I pull out my phone and go for the number close. ‘You wanna hang out sometime?’
She doesn’t answer that...I get the feeling this is a wrap
Did you go for the close during a high note?

Also I'd recommend you don't ask to hang out with her as a question. Talk about a location nearby or something you like that you could invite them to if you are trying to plant the seed before you get the number or better yet screen for logistics and tell her to come with you to (xyz) during a high point.

Look for high positive emotions and pull out your phone on your notes or contacts page and have her put her number in or screen for logistics and make a move to have her come with you. Don't ask in the form of a question. You don't want her thinking about if " You wanna hang out sometime?" or give you her number. Assume she does and bonus points if it's a genuinely positive moment.

I've had women with boyfriends put their numbers in with this method. Now did they go out with me? That's another thing lol.

You want to take a leadership position with younger women especially. That's your appeal at your age range. Trust me. I try to model older guys all the time because younger women respond to their leadership. They expect it.
Instead she asks how old I am. I have her guess- she guesses 20 or 21. I fuck up again here and tell her 29 (I’m 31).
Don't lie about your age if you don't have to.

Great job for making her guess though.

If I don't want to tell her I'll usually just say good guess and move on. They tend to as well since either they end the interaction there or I'm still in.

Threadcutting like a madman muhahaha.
I say if she can’t tell what age I am, does the number really matter? She doesn’t respond to that.
You went into her frame even if you were questioning it. You have to make a solid attempt at reframing before you can address her frame if you are even going to. Don't just question it? Reframe the whole thing.

" Younger women have a life to them, older women lack. I'm sure you've seen it. Do you think you'll keep your spark? How?" I'm sure you've seen it. Do you think you'll keep your spark? How?"

Some bullshit I'd try.

A reframe is needed. Get a yes then a couple more before you move on. I'm working on this as well. Compliance ladders.
She then awkwardly changes the subject by asking me if I know of any good coffee shops around where she can go to work on her paper. At this point she suddenly started acting rly nervous and her voice got weak so I had trouble hearing her.
You aren't leading the interactions threads. Why?

Sometimes I'll get quiet and see if she leaves or wants the interaction to continue ( nowadays I recognize quietness can also mean horniness as well, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.) Did you just sort of look at her after that question?

But take the lead on threads as much as you can.
I ask if she thinks I’m too old. She says “I’m 17 and you’re like 30 so don’t you think thats a little much?”

I make sure not to show any emotion, put on a little smile, and say my goodbye.

I turned around to leave and saw a 75yo lady at the next table gawking at me lol
Lady hope u enjoyed the show
Good job for sticking it out to your limit man. My final note.
when it came to rejecting me, suddenly she became shy
She never really rejected you. I've had women call me a baby and still follow me/ stay in the interaction. It isn't ideal, but until you get that hard " Fuck off" or "Extreme cold shoulder" I think you should stay.

It might get tense, but we're trying to learn. It'll make you harder too. Might make you depressed for a period, but the more you do it the quicker you rebound.

Which will allow you to take your new skills after the last failure and slight edge your way into pussy.

Hell who knows you might sky rocket.

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May 21, 2020
Overall good job man! Your awareness will take you far!

This is what I picked up on that I think would help you in your next set.

Hell who knows you might sky rocket.

@Mist22 wow thanks for helping me out!
your observations on how to improve include a lot of good details
and your words of encouragement help a lot

your formatting is excellent
you sound like a pro at this

i shouldn't make assumptions about what girls are thinking.

lying isn't good- i rly like your way of saying 'good guess' and keepin it goin

yea should've asked her out on a high note. totally reminded me of the article How to Ask a Girl Out

reframing honestly hasn't crossed my mind. goes to show how much more i have to go. rly appreciate you typing out an example

i like how you sometimes get quiet to gauge her interest. see if she breaks the silence by investing more

saying she rejected me may be harsh. i dont bother trying to sugarcoat stuff


May 21, 2020
September 13
rly fcking hot

1- long straight brunette, black Dr Martens platform boots, white, 5’3” w/ boots

From across the street, spot her leaning against the wall
cross the street just to do the approach
her back is to me
position myself at her 2 o’clock
open direct. She responds timidly. i see her face and hear her voice, that's when i realize....

shes young

abort by asking ‘are you single?
Unsurprisingly she replies “I have a bf, sorry” quietly with a smile while looking at the ground

90% sure shes single. but this ones a wrap

2- southeast asian, dark curly hair, brown eyes, interesting silver makeup around eyes, early 20s, wearing mask, 5’4”

Walking when a girl opens me from behind with “excuse me
I stop and turn
Of course she’s trying to sell me junk

She says her canned shit
I smile and say ‘i think you're cute

I change the conversation to her personal life for a few minutes. Also tell her shes got balls to do these approaches and get rejected all day

She gets back to her sales thing
I say ‘no, but i’ll take you're number
Shes like “ok

She actually rly struggles with putting her number into my phone
I take my phone back to put in her number for her

Unfortunately shes not my type. I know i could use the practice and just play this out
Shes not bad, but I wouldn't have approached

I did manage to say i’m an artist

3- 5’8”, long dark hair, slim, mixed race, sunglasses, early 20s

Spot this girl from rly far away. Shes stopped at the intersection diagonal to me across a rly wide busy street
And my eyesight isn’t the greatest

I strategically cross so i do the approach. Circle stop
Open direct...but her face....
I remember thinking her face looks like a witch. skin on her face was like bumpy...but i’m already in it so ill just finish

She responds terribly. she doesn't stop walking...still i push forward and give my name...but this is too much, its too weird.
gotta eject


4- NYU undergrad, 5’10”, black, wearing a hat

Line of like 30 students waiting to get into a nyu building.
Havent seen that before, was genuinely curious what was up

I walk to the last person on line. didn't even look at her face before i opened indirect

‘why is everyone waiting on line’
“We’re waiting to get in for film class”
‘Oh. but whys there a line?’
“They don’t open the doors until the class before gets out”

I didn’t see lines outside any other nyu buildings.

She seems rly nice and is receptive
just not my type

I call it quits. heat&humidity got me

waiting at the light I see a girl staring at me from across the intersection
we both cross, and as we get closer, shes staring straight into my eyes
young, eastern european looking, blue piercing eyes

shes holding up her phone, it's on speaker and shes talking to someone...

I was exhausted. But have a feeling she would have at least been receptive and stopped