Night Game Checklist: Troubleshoot Your Night Game Pickups


Oct 9, 2012
One more checklist.

Are you struggling to get results out of night game?

Take a look through this check list to find areas you can improve that you might not have been paying attention to (originally posted here):

  • Do you go to good venues where the women are friendly and you feel comfortable?
  • Do you follow good venue planning and have two good venues to go to on an outing (a starter venue to warm up in, and a backup venue to switch to later)?
  • How many approaches are you getting in per outing? Aim for ~12 individual approaches per night game outing to maximize your odds
  • How many women do you hook per night? You should be hooking at least 2-3 women into substantial conversations
  • Do you make your approaches fun? Because especially with night game, women are out to have a good time.

A few additional resources that will help:

  • Articles by Alek Rolstad: Alek is a night game expert whose entire massive catalogue of Girls Chase articles is almost entirely dedicated to night game