Noticeable Edge I've Created


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Mar 1, 2013
Hey gentleman, this is both an accomplishment for me, and a possible teaching for you. I didn't read the article Chase had on edge until I unconsciously developed it myself, and it has been a very recent creation I've made. Chase explains that you must find something you firmly believe in and devote yourself to, something larger than yourself, and the girl you want. For me, my edge came from a dream and goal I had which was strengthened greatly by a book by Dale Carnegie =). The thing I've devoted myself to is "Helping."
- I decided to major in therapy to help people with all varieties of disorders, so I could take people who were physically and mentally ill and help them into normalcy, then through "positive psychological principles" created by Martin Seligman and his associates, help that normal patient into a greater and happier life.
- Seligman paired with Carnegie have given me the resources to take the average everyday person and help them to become happier, how to add more value to their lives than I have always been able to. Psychology along with Carnegie have given me the resources to share with the world how to make yourself happy, how to add value to your life and the lives of others.
- I've devoted myself to helping people, all people, with all varieties of problems, and now more than ever, I have the tools, utensils, and know-how to help everyone i meet in some way.
- Everyone I meet, I want to show that person that you create your happiness in such little ways which stretch so far, and I want to give people a reason to live forward instead of just live.
Devoting myself to this principle has given me an edge, a noticeable difference in my eyes, in my aura, in my personality, in my demeanor. Lately I've been getting more and more compliments and notices on my being. My brother's wife noticed me walking and said "What's up with the Rico Suave walk?" and I hadn't even noticed it.