Visiting Ottawa Wingman


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Dec 7, 2012
Hi, Im Aibee (pronounced Ai - Beee)

Background: I recently moved to Ottawa and have been doing cold approach as well as social circle game. In the city I was at before, my lay notches were at about 16.
I am trying to get into party dates which brings me to search for someone to practise with. I can get phone numbers easily and insta dates as well.

where I meet girls: I roam about Byward Market and online dating apps. I am pretty open to venturing into other venues as well. As for my social circle venues, they have been incidentally people from my course who were doing a professional study with me before there was a lockdown and changed that.

whom I would like to meet: I need someone I can approach with to help me stick with my going out routine. A skilled guy to learn from and run with would be cool, but if you're a beginner and you're willing to stick with it, I can work with that.

Any one who is willing to joing me can email me or PM me.
My email is