LR  Party/neighbor girl - power of pre-selection and social proof


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Feb 13, 2013
She is one of those "hot bleached blondes" that get so much attention on the boards. I normally see her with guys that look similar to Arnold in predator.

Haha, nice. Although, I think he was actually bigger in Terminator, the Conan the Barbarian movies and Commando (Oh my god Commando is a fucking badass flick... old school ;).


I had actually texted flower earlier in the day to go out, and she acted like she would be with frineds so I didn't text her back and kind of left the convo hanging so as not to reward her for non-compliance and give her a little "mental investment."(Credit: Franco)

...helped this happen:

flower was sitting at the mexican place with her boyfriend and as soon as she sees me, she beams a big pretty smile(I love this girls smile.) She runs around to me and immediately pulls me in close for a hug and whispers something in my ear along the lines, of "sorry for making it seem like I didn't wanna hang, I was with him!"

Good job :)

At some point she gets up to use the bathroom, and there are two cute girls sitting beside us, so I just start asking them how their night is going and such. When neighbor girl gets back I introduce her to both of them and she grabs my arm and tells me shes going to sign us up for kareoke. layers on layers of social proof. Its on.

This was pretty key. She is sticking close to you the rest of the night because she sees what happens if she doesn't!

Like I said, no big deal, even with the obvious attraction, between work and sleepiness I wasn't gunning to get laid.

I leave and when I get back I text her.

me:gotta be an old man, have fun, doors unlocked if you wanna hang when your done.

her:eek:k ill leave soon!

Abundance mentality, which she can smell on you. Didn't care too awfully much about the lay, actually halfway expected that you could just leave and she'd follow. Good stuff there- gotta do your own thing + not trying too hard + leave it on her to decide.

At about 2 I wake up completely out of it with her sitting on my bed :)

Hahahaha. GG.


Good job, man.



Space Monkey
space monkey
Dec 6, 2012
Houston, Texas
Nice radeng! ive been unactive for a while, making a come back this weekend :)

I liked how non-outcome dependent you were, you said "fuck it, im not getting laid tonight. Im tired going to bed fuck it"

I read that women make the ultimate wingmen, hence your social proof there lol.

question man, whats preselection? ive exhausted all articles this month haha


Modern Human
Modern Human
Nov 12, 2014
Real suave moves. I like.

I tell neighbor girl that I am about to fuck that girl and give her the back story and she is super intrigued and being a party girl, she gives me tips on how to get girls to cheat, and calls me a whore hahaha.

Telling the girl you are out with that you want to fuck another.... well played.

All around enjoyable read, I bet you really loved writing it :)