Resident Perth Australia


Nov 25, 2021
Hi I am from perth australia. I'm out most nights atm to the point bouncers ask if i have any responsibility or do i have a job. I'm going to get a van shortly and a gym membership in town to shower, gym, and sleep in my van after partying in northbridge. I'm a full on player and even swing both ways if guys are into me. Going to have to get on PreP soon cause i madeout with 10 people 3-4 girls, a tranny and 6 guys in one night in the gay bar. I get makeouts from guys and girls and trans every night i go out.

Hit me up if ya wanna go out and game. I'm mostly into older women alot of them not from clubs either but i might swing the van past churches and beaches and pull some tail into it there. I'm 31.

I don't have any good wings dont really need them i do go out with a few girls but they are more cooked than me. few guys i go out with too but they are bi sexual wanting to bang me and i sorta don't want guys hitting on me too much until i get PreP