Poor But Successful Escalation, Now What?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 26, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand
Hello! Fellow Friends at Girls Chase Board,

Today, I would love to share a story about what happened and the steps moving forward.

The Secretive Girl and a Forbidden(?) Relationship

So I met this girl on a "Casual Dating Membership Site" (actually aimed at people looking for casual sex and/or paid dating services, etc.).
On text, we really took things off nicely. The frame we both set on were:
- We are tired of relationships
- We want intimacy and are sometimes lonely
- Let's comfort each other without others knowing about this
- We will not bother with each other's personal lives

So right at the peak of texting, I offered to meet up with her.
She got very excited and offered me her address. She even asked me to buy her some snacks from the nearby convenience store for her.

And so I made it into her room.

This is where things went really weird.

She invited me in, and the way she acted was, to say the least, opposite of how she was on text.
- She was quiet and not talkative
- She had some sort of weird "dead air" around her. I was lost in what to say
- Whatever I asked her or any connections I tried to build with her, all were turned down with single-word responses.

Yet, she invited me into her bedroom.

I was like, OK...

She lied down and invited me there.
Immediately, she began to hug me, surprisingly pretty tenderly.

After about 10 minutes of cuddling, I began to escalate (I was like, whatever, let's do it!)

I do my usual thing (that is usually pretty darn effective with other girls I know).
Gently kissing her cheeks, rubbing her hair, stroking my hands firmly but decisively throughout her body and to her naked butt. (She was wearing a one piece PJ with no undies...)

She pushed my hands off, telling me to stop.

I stopped a while, only to start again.

And this repeated like 10+ times as I pushed all the way to the end.

One time, she would cover herself with the blanket and said: "Wait a bit, let me text my friend. You can't see it as it's private information."

I was ready to walk away and I let myself up from her bed.

She asked "Come on, don't be mad boy."
I said "I'm not. I'm just giving you the privacy you want.", with a bit of laughter.

The escalation attempts resumed.

Until she asked me this:

"Do you want to do it?"
To which I said, "What if I say, yes?"
"You see, I'm a healthy man and you are a girl. What do you expect me to do?", I said in a bedroom tone, though I said it a bit quickly as my confidence shook a bit.
Gotta admit I should have done it in a funny way, which I normally do but in this case, it felt awkward af.

She immediately took off her one-piece and all of her resistance disappeared.

Finally, we became intimate.

Sex sucked, and for whatever reason, I was unable to give her good sex.
After kissing her body, smelling her pussy and rubbing her clit, she said this:
"I'll rub it myself so I would get wet a bit faster."

Luckily, she did orgasm as we were doing the cowgirl position. But heck, she was the dominant one there.

But after sex, she returned to her sleep and didn't say a word.
"You can stay over if you want.". That was the last sentence she said.

When I tried to cuddle her, she took my hands off her body and turned away from me.

I lied down there like an idiot for about 30 minutes, until I have had enough.

I couldn't sleep and I have work tomorrow (at the time of writing)

I sat up and started wearing clothes. That is when she asked:
"Are you going home?"
"Don't mind me, you can go home if you want."

I said in a tired voice: "Yeah, I bet you'd sleep better if I'm gone."
"Come here, let me peck your cheek a bit", I said.

No response, but no resistance either.

I left the room as I said, "Good night"
Her response? "Mmm hmm."

At the very least, I texted "Good Night and sweet dreams" to her as Chase instructed to be "a bit warmer after sex".

But seriously, what is going on with this girl?

For all the girls I have been intimate with, they would submit to me and they would start acting cute and all.
They would all look forward to seeing me again.

Heck, what is this? What should I do with this girl going forward? Dump her and never see her again?

Please let me hear your comments players.



Space Monkey
space monkey
Sep 11, 2018

first good job on persistence and escalation

based on the information you gave me my guest she only wanted sex from you and none of that romance stuff. Also it was kinda clear that she hadn't done it while (saying the sex suck and her texting her friend) which why she was little resistance (read GC articles about resistances to know more reasons why).

If you want to see her again it will only be for sex nothing more. If that okay with you than everything will be fine as long as you remember the rules of friends with benefits. If not leave her their's plenty of women out there.