Pull Mentality (2011)


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Oct 9, 2012
Originally posted in the first Girls Chase Forum on Wednesday, 12 January 2011

So I just slept with 3 new girls in 10 days. Would've been 4 today except the girl threw me off balance a bit at the beginning of the date by bringing out her "high status A game". I recovered, and she seemed ready for a pull, but I was still reeling a bit. I have more dates lined up, and I've been pretty consistently shagging girls on the first date so far. This girl today was the first date I've had in 2011 that didn't end up with the girl in my bed, though it could've / should've gone that way as well. I feel kind of bad, actually... she was almost desperate seeding that she wanted me at the end. It was just such a reversal from all her high and mighty, acting bored with my (infrequent) stories and so-superior at the beginning of the date that I wasn't ready for it and I dropped the ball. Ack.

Anyway, I'm not really doing anything special. I'm talking about pretty boring stuff with the girls, just giving them sexy eye contact and positioning myself as a dashing rogue who won't be around forever and letting them do most of the talking and then feeding back what they say to them in different words with perhaps a little insight here or there. But as soon as they start eying me and smiling that knowing smile I prep for a pull soon thereafter, and they've just been coming.

My mentality right now is that I'm just always looking for the time to pull. It's my main concern whenever I'm with a girl these days: "When will I pull her?"

Because I know I'm at least going to try. And so far, my tries are being rewarded very nicely.

2011, you're looking like a fun year already.