Push the Limit


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 21, 2012
Hello gentlemen,

Main points:
I think when it comes to women, most men have the scarcity mindset. Now this isn't to shutdown people who are afraid to lose a girl because they believe she's the "one"

Something to keep in mind on your romantic pursuits is if you never push the limit or make a move, then how exactly do you know if this woman wants to get intimate with you?
I describe pushing the limit as doing something to show her your romantic interest. Whether it's flirting, touching, asking her out, moving quickly, or declining invitations for "friendly activities".

*The bottom line here is if you haven't gotten intimate with a woman after say the 2nd time you've been out with her, it's more than likely not going anywhere.
Now for those who object and now want to take a let's take it slow approach or are scared of rejection . . . I have a thought for you.
Wouldn't it be much easier if you knew upfront the girl wasn't interested in you?! This way you wouldn't have to waste time or experience all those negative emotions of rejections.

To do this all you really have to do is . . .
1. Proper screening
-Is she the right girl for you?
-Is she the one who's chasing you or you chasing her
-Is she warm and receptive to you/give you the time of day
2. Move quickly
-Does she want a talk buddy or a ---- buddy
-Is she working with you to get intimate or working against
3. Proper closing
-give her satisfaction, under the sheets
-play to win
-don't be afraid to walk away

Short narrative:
I was actually chilling in my house earlier when a girl who I had meant to meet up with a week ago text me today. I was looking something up on my phone when it came through, so I was a little startled. Especially do to the fact I had deleted her number since I thought I had missed my opportunity. The conversation was about her checking to see if I was still around and doing well. I responded warmly with a thanks for checking in and hope things are good for her too.

She took to writing statements about what she's doing currently and what not. I ignore for the most part aside from that's nice, and she tells me how bored she's been lately. Since I had other things to do, I simply replied that we should do something fun after winter break. She was all for it, great! Now this should be the end of the story, but it's not. I sent flirty messages to see if the attraction was still there. She did say something about working a lot over break to which I responded, great now you have money to treat me to Starbucks. She quickly responded with shouldn't you be treating me, and to which I responded after awhile with ";) now now if you want a treat we'll have to see how good u behave".
*Edit, she replied with "hahaha oh really? well i am always on my best behavior so no worries"

Closing thoughts:
Only give your time to girls worth your time, I was really interested in this conversation today to see how far I could actually push it. Girls with let you get away with a lot if you're sexy enough.

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