Pushing More for the Close (2010)


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Oct 9, 2012
Originally posted in the first Girls Chase Forum on Sunday, 26 December 2010

So I had an interesting interaction tonight where I met a pair of girls seated at the bar. The pretty one was a more conservative girl with worse English, and the less cute one was a more liberal girl who'd studied for three years in England and spoke very well. The pretty, more conservative girl was seated next to me, and it was abundantly clear that the friend was trying to get us together ("She's single and available," she told me several times, lol).

After maybe an hour or so of talking and sitting with both of them, and a brief excursion to the dance floor with the conservative girl at the liberal girl's urging (actually, that brief excursion to the dance floor was quite good; it broke apart the interaction and gave it legs, so to speak; I got to move the girl and have her accompany me somewhere, rather than us just staying seated at the bar the whole time without her committing to going somewhere exclusively with me), my spidey-sense for pull-time started tingling. The liberal girl must've sensed it too, because the conservative girl leaned over and told me, "She wants me to ask you if you live alone or if you have a roommate."

I asked the liberal girl if I could steal her friend for a nightcap. The liberal girl was excited at this idea, and talked to the conservative girl, who responded shaking her head no. "Maybe the next time," the liberal friend said. "Be patient!" She told me to be patient a few times, and asked me if it was okay; I just smiled and said sure, sure.

I maybe could've pushed on this one; I had the liberal friend strongly on my side, and she clearly wanted the conservative girl to go home with me. The conservative girl liked me a lot; she was leaning into me the entire time, putting her head against mine, and doing / saying all kinds of things expressing her interest throughout. But she wasn't comfortable with the idea of going home alone with me. May be that she hasn't done that before and the idea is scary; may be that she sees me too much as a potential boyfriend and doesn't want to take the risk. This is what being in your home city does to soften you; on travel I would've said, "No, it's not okay, I'm leaving in two days, I like her and we have to spend time together now." There's less urgency in your home city and less impetus to push for things.

I then tried to set it up that the conservative girl would come to my place tomorrow to watch movies; the liberal friend translated, and the conservative girl panned this idea too. She suggested she pick me up, along with the liberal friend, to do a tourist-style date, and was very excited to have me try her favorite food tomorrow. Again, the liberal friend was jumping in telling me, "Be patient! Be patient!" which I found rather amusing. No big deal; I can speed through a bunch of dates and make it happen fast anyway. If it takes the girl four dates to get to sex, I'll just have tomorrow, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, or something like that.

I'm starting to play around with this more, of getting the more liberal friends to push their conservative friends to move faster with me. Probably could've pushed a little harder on this one; maybe even a suggestion, "Well, it might be okay, but I travel a lot and I like her and it'd be better if we could go grab a nightcap right now, tonight."

Still feel like I'm not pushing hard enough; still trying to find that balance of pushing as close to the edge without going over as I can.