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Oct 9, 2012

1. The General Board is for exploring general questions and thoughts about pickup, seduction, dating, and socializing. Field-tested tactics should be posted to the “Tactics and Techniques” board, and field and lay reports to the “Field Reports” board.

2. Beginners may post in the General Board, but very basic questions should still be directed to the Beginners Board.


1. Do not spam, sell, hawk wares, or push your products or services here. These boards are for discussion, not marketing or advertising. If you are caught violating this rule, you will be warned, suspended, or banned.

2. Do not cross post. If you have a question, post it in one place only. If you’re not sure the right place to post, contact a moderator.

3. Do not post links to books, movies, products, or anything illegal or otherwise under copyright. These links will be deleted, and you will be we warned, suspended, or banned.

4. Do not engage in hateful or offensive remarks or rants or link to offensive pages on other websites. This forum is for personal growth and improvement, not for venting vitriolic emotions. Hateful or offensive posts will be deleted, and you will be warned, suspended, or banned.

5. Do not post anything regarding women or people under age 18. While the age of consent in some places may be lower than this, we aren't equipped to verify whether each individual poster is compliant with his local laws. Posts about under-18s will be deleted, and you will be warned, suspended, or banned.

6. Do not message individual users asking for help. Post your questions to the forum and wait for a response. If you are not getting the response you need, sign up for one of our programs or coaching sessions designed specifically for helping guys with problems and questions.

7. Do not violate privacy. This includes posting pictures or identifying information of friends, wingmen, or women. You can write out message conversations (with personally identifying information removed). But do not post screen dumps of your conversations. Do not tell people to "message me for pics." Do not post anything on this website that identifies someone else.

8. Respect your fellow users and moderators at all times. If you disagree with something, state as much in respectful and specific terms and argue politely. Name-calling, accusations, and labeling are not allowed on these boards. Members engaging in these, trolling, or flame wars will be warned, suspended, or banned.

9. Not mandatory, but highly recommended: DON’T USE YOUR REAL NAME AS A FORUM HANDLE. Search engines like this site and index its results highly. Members regularly write in angry or upset because we are the #1 result on Google for their names… because they used their names as forum handles. One member wrote in about a lay report he wrote regarding a girl who was “not LTR material” five years earlier… well, regardless, he vanished from the forum to date her for five years, then one day she found his old report, which “crushed her” according to him, and they split up. How’d she find it? He used his real name as his forum handle, and Google ranked his journal as its #1 result for his name. DON’T USE YOUR REAL NAME. Pick something else as a forum handle — not a name tied to you (unless you want your posts tied to you).

We appreciate you minding these rules. By following the rules, you help keep the boards a fun, orderly, and productive place to share information, build, and grow.

Happy talking and posting,

The Girls Chase Team
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