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Oct 9, 2012

1. The Marketplace Board is for members to offer paid products and services. It is NOT for seeking unpaid help -- check the Wingman Finder Board for that.

2. You may have up to five (5) total offers on the Marketplace Board at any time. If you have a new offer you want to share, but have already reached your offer cap, speak to a moderator about de-listing one of your offers to list a new one.

3. You may only post one (1) new offer per thirty (30) days. Offers posted more frequently than this will be rejected. Too many attempts to spam the Marketplace Board with too-frequent offers may get your access to the Marketplace Board revoked.

4. Marketplace Board posters may post: paid products or services they are offering; requests for paid products or services; or reviews of paid products or services. These are the only posts permitted on this Board.

5. The only products or services permitted on the Marketplace Board are those directly related to pickup and seduction, or very closely related (some relationship, motivational, and other content may quality -- this is at the discretion of the moderators). Pornography, penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction, date-getting websites or apps, and other such items are not permitted and will not be approved. Submitting multiple non-permitted offers may get your access to the Marketplace Board revoked.

6. Do not bump offers on this Board. Occasional, worthwhile updates to an offer are fine, if they are not too frequent. Any blatant attempts to bump offers to return your offer to the top of the forum for no major reason other than to bump, or weak attempts to create unnecessary conversation to bump your offer, may get your access to the Marketplace Board revoked, and your threads removed. If we catch you using paid or puppet accounts, or teaming up with other members to bump your posts, you and the members involved may get your access to the Marketplace Board revoked, and your threads removed.

7. If you notice a paid product or service mentioned in a thread on this Board no longer seems to be available (either the website is down, or the individual offering it does not respond to contact attempts, if it is offered via another channel, or both), please report the thread and let us know what attempts you've made to purchase the product or service, or contact the product/service owner. We will verify ourselves if the product or service is no longer available, and, if so, update the thread.

8. Final price MUST BE included in any Marketplace Board "Paid Product" or "Paid Service" posts. Failure to include final price information will get an offer rejected. If the price changes after the edit window on your thread has closed, PM a moderator with the price you want to update the thread to so we can change it.

9. We reserve the right to say "no" and reject an offer (or any other thread submitted to this forum) for any reason, even if it complies with all the above rules. Offer approval rests ultimately in the hands of the moderators.


1. Do not spam, sell, hawk wares, or push your products or services here. These boards are for discussion, not marketing or advertising. If you are caught violating this rule, you will be warned, suspended, or banned. This is the only place you may do that, and only if you follow the rules above.

2. Do not cross post. If you have a question, post it in one place only. If you’re not sure the right place to post, contact a moderator.

3. Do not post links to books, movies, products, or anything illegal or otherwise under copyright. These links will be deleted, and you will be we warned, suspended, or banned.

4. Do not engage in hateful or offensive remarks or rants or link to offensive pages on other websites. This forum is for personal growth and improvement, not for venting vitriolic emotions. Hateful or offensive posts will be deleted, and you will be warned, suspended, or banned.

5. Do not post anything regarding women or people under age 18. While the age of consent in some places may be lower than this, we aren't equipped to verify whether each individual poster is compliant with his local laws. Posts about under-18s will be deleted, and you will be warned, suspended, or banned.

6. Do not message individual users asking for help. Post your questions to the forum and wait for a response. If you are not getting the response you need, sign up for one of our programs or coaching sessions designed specifically for helping guys with problems and questions.

7. Do not violate privacy. This includes posting pictures or identifying information of friends, wingmen, or women. You can write out message conversations (with personally identifying information removed). But do not post screen dumps of your conversations. Do not tell people to "message me for pics." Do not post anything on this website that identifies someone else.

8. Respect your fellow users and moderators at all times. If you disagree with something, state as much in respectful and specific terms and argue politely. Name-calling, accusations, and labeling are not allowed on these boards. Members engaging in these, trolling, or flame wars will be warned, suspended, or banned.

We appreciate you minding these rules. By following the rules, you help keep the boards a fun, orderly, and productive place to share information, build, and grow.

Happy talking and posting,

The Girls Chase Team
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