LR SC sniper game, extract & delicate escalation


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
At a social circle thing tuesday where i noted HB PERKYASIAN out of the side of my eyes. Woman in her prime. Young professional.

Didnt show her much direct attention but i noted she glanced a lot in my direction across the event. I took the centre a few times in the audience of things. Just being me. Anyways i liked her perky energy, her slim-nice-tits style model body - model type girl; A 9er prob. i took her in a lil making my body awaken in a calm way feeling a sizzle and awakening of a sexual-intimate feel.

Along the event our connection dances a lil emerging without real direct eye contact us sitting side by side at different tables w one or two in between. But i felt peripheral exchanges (my sensors are well trained) Hard to explain for people with out the sense of this but it was ON i felt... in its light sense of things, something i recognised as a mild fascination with a stronger substance in it. A key sign when you seduce via vibes and sexual tension based ways. You get clear hunches with this as intuition informs you. Also im trained in what i called triangulation which is me forming my room presence in a way for women to take me in via various angles and situations that makes them notice me and grow curious and attracted (eg mingling with others, mere movement based doings and omitting key vibes, moments of quality eye contact etc).

At the end of the event i materialised next to her (was waiting for the opportune moment then doing a determined mingle-style hovering move from an adjacent set) and opened her stumble upon style - then asked basic questions.. i elicited and found a topical path that we resonated on that i then mirrored her on and paced. We ended up talking a lot on a variety of common interest, walking "couple like" and exchanging things - i sotted slightly on a few of them and a light excited-about-the-same-things bubble grew. She stated we should meet and talk more about this(female escalation) so i #closed her.

As we exchange facebooks(i always do this as its easier for me to manage pipeline efficiently) we stop in our movement (she had to go) - i gave her my phone and she wrote in her name/found it. As she took her own phone to acknowledge right away and look at my profile she says we have several friends - so i moved close to her so that we stood closer together to look at it - using proximity to create a small intimate moment... (subtle escalation of vibe).
As we walk further i lead her nonchalantly by the lower back and we say goodbye where she goes in for a close hug.
So a series of small to many insignificant micro-escalations but notice how im balancing my escalations with hers and how delicate these are to create little moments of intimacy and the likes more than anything slooooowly making a more intimate vibe arise. It should be noted i do these to enhance our togetherness and how things grow between us naturally. I always go for true mutual escalation(not sleazys put-her-hands-on-me approach which works but has a meh motivation imo) - facilitating that she is as active as i am in it, giving her space to do so and connecting with her in this dance of showing interest and sensing each other out. I dont feel any need to control or manipulate - girls are my partners in seduction.

i write her to meet at a local place next to me. we meet and talk is easy, i introduce my deep love of a certain drink, indulgance SOTs and a liberating sexual frame.
she says she would love to taste the drink.. so i suggest we go to my place with the aim of tasting it.
Shes on.

so we go to my place
I make it, Catering for her, serving her...
proximity is natural..
side by side, an escalated vibe - mutual escalation and the ignitition of a draw between us ( a light drawing sexual tension that slowly and very delicately build between us since she arrived mainly via my attention to the chemistry between us and guiding it, boosting it with slightly prolonged caressive glances, closer positionings etc...)
kissing commences across the drink feels like a natural draw which comes from the way i guide sexual tension across microescalations, i slowly remove her clothes, partly instructing her, partly caressing her delicate contours, sloow slides w touch in just the right pace delaying gratification, enjoying the reveal of every part of her nude model body.
Then i licked the drink off her various body parts just for fun and sensory exploration...
not gonna do that again - drink tasted a lot better in its glass:p

Soft gravitational escalation
then let sexual tension do its thing....
little escalatory moves done as a smooth very delicate flow via a gravitational sense of things

This is a typical extract sc lay as i do them albeit this one was in the more delicate blissful ones - had a refined sorta quality to it. So subtle and simple - basically laying the way in front of her mixing materialisation, room game, verbals(SOTS + elicitation based style) and escalation as a momentum of things - super smooth. needless to say the nature of the interactions i get vary dependent on the womens nature, my mood, the connection, logistics etc. Adaptive capacity is a KEY to be able to seduce a wider set of girls here.
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Space Monkey
space monkey
Nov 6, 2021
OMG!! I don't think it can get any better than this. I used to be initially afraid if building sexual tension but I've now started to enjoy it. If done properly, ST is a great tool to achieve your end goal.