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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Feb 5, 2017
New York City
So I met this girl yesterday, and texted her today. I had tried to get her on a same day date, since this was her third day in NYC. She ended up falling asleep though, so that didn't pan out. I texted her the next day. Following some chat, she asked what I was up to tonight. I sensed a window and invited her to grab drinks with me.

We met around 8:30 at a bar, but she didn't have her ID, so I took her to my backup location (a chocolate bar). We got one hot chocolate and one alcoholic drink. The vibe was pretty good and I was touching her well and she was pretty compliant. I did a lot of deep diving on her, like how she liked her job, how she got into it, and some light teasing about her party lifestyle. She's from Spain so is experienced in that. I told her a lot of stories about my travels, which I think she enjoyed and showed off some good traits about myself. She told me how she got started in Interior Design and I teased her a bit about her redecorating her house as a child. We talked about loving the ocean, surfing. I had her give me her hand to show me her rings.

One thing I focused on was my voice, and slowing down the pace of talking. We talked a little about hobbies, and I mentioned my speech and voice class. I told her to give me her hands, and placed them on my ribs (mutual escalation), and told her to focus on my breathing. After we finish up the first round of drinks, I suggest we bounce somewhere else to grab some plum wine.

We take the subway over, and then proceed to walk. Because the subway is really crowded, we're packed together, I should have used this as an occasion to pull her into me, but I didn't. We get out at our stop and it's really cold so I pull her into me to keep myself warm. She complies, but doesn't put her arm around me. We head inside the bar and grab a booth. I tell her to scooch in because I don't want it to feel like an interview, and she agrees. We talk some more, and show each other pictures of various things. It's still a good time, with a large amount of laughter, but the conversation is beginning to die down, and it's quieter. I ask her what her usual type is and she says usually Spanish guys, but she doesn't really have a type. I tell her that attraction is either there or not, and the things that matter after that are spontaneity, adventurousness, independence (all are qualities that I've qualified her on earlier).

At this point, the wait staff seem to want us to leave, so I used a new phrasing I thought up to invite her home. I had mentioned earlier in the night that I had a bartending license. I told her that, "I have all the mixers to make a blue hawaiian. Come over and I'll mix you up one of the best tasting drinks you'll have had in a while." She agrees and we head over to my place.

I introduce her to my roommate, who is sitting in the living room watching TV, then give her a tour around the apartment. I have her take her shoes off, and then grab her coat as well. I then bring her to the kitchen and instruct her on how to mix the drinks.

We then go back to my room, and I try to go in for a kiss after a few minutes (more than 10 minutes so I should move faster). She avoids it and says "not today, ok?". I say sure and move the topic to something else. I think a better move would have been to show really strong desire, and say something more along the lines of, "honestly, at this moment, every fiber of my being is telling me to kiss you, and I think you're feeling something similar", then pause and try again. If that didn't work, I'd pull back and change the subject, which was what I did, but without the burst of passion. We talked a little while longer, then she said she had to leave. I walked her a little bit to the bus stop, and hugged her. I told her I had a great time and we should do this again soon.

Didn't kiss before she left, but I'll try again next week to meet up.

The reason I call her Shakira is because she's half Spanish-half Lebanese

Will post updates if there are any.
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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 24, 2015
Next date invite her straight away to your house. She'll know what's up. Invite her after dinner hour.