LR-  She Didn't Speak A Word Of English


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 20, 2015
sooo, i met this cute little 18 year old latina girl on tinder. right off the bat she says:

girl: i want to meet you
Well we tried meeting up several times over the course of several days and she was so ridiculously flakey. She admitted to me she didn't speak english, and it was apparent by her very rough english.

Anyways, we finally meet at the subway station. I use a translator and just ask her a few basic questions. She asks me how tall I am, which is weird....but I invite her to my house.

We walk to my house which is 20 minutes away, and we are practically in silence the whole time. Except, sometimes I said, "como estas" lmfao...thats like the only spanish term I know. I also would point out random things in the environment.

We get to my place, I bring up the translator on my computer and we started flirting...passed all her tests..

She resisted my advances a few times but eventually we were cuddling, and then we went into my bedroom :) i fingered her for a little bit but I COULDN'T GET HARD and she was not happy about this.

I have drastically reduced my consumption of porn and now I'm cutting it out completely. i swear!