Soft Barrier during the Approach?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 23, 2023
Hey all!

Just read:

I LOVE the energy of:
"YOU: Nah, we can’t… someone might walk in…
HER: Oh… [looks disappointed]
YOU: Screw it. [kiss her]"

And assuming the soft barrier works as intended, it likely turns out even better. I'm curious about throwing this into an approach before the ask-out? Along the lines of:
YOU: You seem really cool and it would be great to hangout more, but not sure our schedules would line-up...
(Backup) YOU: We'll figure something out, what's your #?

This definitely is treading a fine line and I still need to patch up my genuineness, body language while talking, and compliance building overall. I'm trying to find ways to get my short (2-5 min) gym interactions to have more impact on the girls, so having a bit more buy-in seemed like a decent strategy. I start quite direct and they know my intent asap. Most of the interactions have been very enjoyable so far, just falling through on the backend (texting/getting them out).

The most promising girl (which I blew out by being WAY too flirty with over text.... Finished Hector's book, know better now), had been hesitant at first, so I told her, "no worries, I'll be over there if you change your mind," which did wonders for her buy-in when she approached me soon after. It's been tricky building buy-in like that when a girl agrees to the hangout, though. Honestly makes being turned down feel easier to work with lol, as your security in yourself and non-neediness are easier to display.

Let me know your thoughts and any spins on that soft barrier!

Thanks all!
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