Resident South Africa, around Cape Town side


Space Monkey
space monkey
May 4, 2020
Hi, I'm Paul. I lived around Cape Town for about 6 years

Background: My current strongpoints in game are:
1.) getting on-sight attraction from multiple girls especially in venues and places with social cliques or social circles,

2.) having a good time while adventuring and meeting people, being present to the moment

3.) socializing with groups and becoming genuine friends with guys on the first time meeting them,

4.) Self amusing and lifting up people's vibe, especially boosting up the homies that I'm with, to make them feel more confident about themselves and enjoy the moment..and strengthening our moral as a group...this way we all have fun and as a result have girls approach us or become popular in the venue and well-lubricated banter with the girls we meet

Where I meet girls: at youth events, parties when people invite me, churches :p , athletic events, the grocery store, clothing stores, the thing is this
I do it at the sametime as when I've got something on (for example, I won't go to a place JUST to game...I'll go there for a main reason like for a personal fun experience and then game while I'm at it (while I'm doing my main objective of adventuring and eating out or shopping or a rap performance or something mission-related)

Whom I'd like to meet: I'd like to meet someone decent, who's relaxed and pleasant to be around.
You don't have to be advanced or anything, you should at least know how to get girls attracted to you.

Reply to this and lemme know if you wana meet up
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