Long-Term Stay in Shape


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 21, 2012
Just Dave here,

It's very important to maintain a sexy physique in your relationship
. You'll have a stronger sexual performance, girl's love rubbing arms, chest, abs, and butts, and you'll feel better. Then if you happen to break up, you'll still have a strong attractive body for your next girl. The idea here is not to get complacent you should always be trying to develop yourself. As a man you're wired to work hard, you have to keep pushing for long term goals. The best part about working out, is you can't beat exercise. The moment you stop working out your energy levels just aren't the same. You're feeling sluggish and you don't have energy to perform well on any task.

Calisthenics are your friends
, if you don't have a gym membership or the time. 20 push ups a day go a long way, and squats work wonders on your hamstrings.

Yoga, I was able to do a split at 18 because of this. Girls actually find a guy who's flexible and strong very sexy. Your girlfriend and your body will thank you once you're in your thirties.

Reading and Writing: I have my own personal blog where I do poetry, I also write songs, and I enjoy doing various research projects on people relationships in life. Books are not hard to read or demanding, read the online newspaper if anything. The Wall Street Journal and CNN can inform you on various topics.

The point: Once your woman sees you run out of stream, the relationship runs out of steam. Girls are creatures who naturally seek change. As much as I'd like to one day sit on my ass and relax in my sixties on a beach in the Caribbean, I know my girlfriend is going to want to travel till the day she dies. This is why properly planning your relationship and life is highly important.

Work out your mind, body, and set long term/short term goals.

Fly away,

Just Dave