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Nov 14, 2012
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Space Monkey
space monkey
Mar 17, 2014
I am not sure if I am allowed to comment on this thread but I am going to be doing a lot of reading in the coming weeks, goal is to not spend too much time on the internet though.


Jan 12, 2014
Chicago, IL
What is the best/correct way to approach a girl in a nightclub/bar without creeping her out? I've had literally every women I approach in these venues run away immediately as soon as they saw me walking up to approach.


Sep 13, 2016
Bout to drop some knowledge so hear me out fellas

A whole portion of the basics has totally been neglected and need to be added to improve the site and in my opinion finally make it close to perfect. This site is awesome with dealing with women and coming off as a suave slick male like James bond or Sebastian from cruel intentions which is a great movie, y'all should watch it, awesome character development going on lol, but anyway, what I've noticed is none of the articles discuss basic convo. All the conversation techniques are nice 'tricks' used to get to the female mind. But none of these tricks can be applied to a male, a kid, or your aunt. It can only be applied to that hot girl you met at the beach.

This isn't good for 2 reasons. Firstly it is absolutely necessary to have good convo with your family and your friends. I understand its hard to talk to kids because they can't speak English but you gotta do it every now and again to prove that u care about everyone. And secondly being able to have good convo with a girl will make getting her seem so much easier. It'll make it naturally happen like how we all know its meant to be but usually never work like that. It usually comes as, let me manipulate this girl for sex which is totally cool but is a lot of brain work that can be used to f*ckn solve can see, here we are wastong it on some beach h*e. And I sound rude but not all girls are awesome some of them are smart and cool and others are beach h*es.

Know that we have a basic idea of why basic is important let's learn what basic convo is. Its hard to explain but in general it's expressing your thoughts with someone in a back in fothe manner. Your probably thinking duh u just stated the obvious. But some people converse with question and answers like its an interview. Straight to the point guys give you one word answers, (I do this a lot), ex aunt says "did you like the food". You say "yah". Its correct but it isn't inviting convo. Then you see overly nice. He will agree with everything and is a b*tch. Ex how'd you like the food? You say "Oh my gosh you you cooking is amazing" aunt say "that has been in fridge for 2 days, I didn't even microwave it" you say "by the grace off god it still tastes good" aunt "shakes her head".

These are things we all do in attempt to conversate but thats not convo, that trying to be right or agreeable. This is convo

Aunt "Howd you like the food"
Me "it was good, I'm a big fan of pasta"
Aunt "your like my son, he only eats pasta... I don't know why but he can't stand rice"
Me "he's smart. What's the point of eating oily foods. It gets you super lazy, its bad for your skinlooooooool the time it doesnt even taste that great.
Aunt: it super hard to avoid tho. Every where you go its a mcdonald here, a Wendy's there... You know Wendy's got a dollar menu
And the convo continues.

The key thing here is know one gave one word answer or just agreed for the sake of agreeing. We gave whole answer to give each other something to work with. And we occasionally followed up answer with opinion on it just to give out or own personal identity in convo. You do t have to agree with that u just have to tell me what you think about it in a cool social savy way.

There is a correct way of doing this. And if its done what you'll get is situation where you friend a girl conversate for a period of time until she starts thinking woah we've been talking for this long he hasn't made any weird advances and he got his fundamentals down pact. Then she's gonna get closer and we all know what eventually happens when a guy and a girl gets closer.

Here you get the girl and its natural.

But the only way this can happen is if we employ it with everyone. You cant have sack convo with your male friends and suddenly have amazing convo with that girl. Obviously there will be slight differences with the way you talk to different people. But in general

All of these tricks like deep diving, chase framing, eye contact, randomly licking your lips. All of these things should be the icing on your basic convo cake.

My final point is basic convo is Bella hard to learn.

If a whole site can be based of icing. Imagine what else there is to learn. Things like how to have positive convo. How to successfully talk about nothing ( something girls do all the time but is a must know) and more. I dont know a lot of this stuff so I really need someone to help.

I'm halfway good at basic convo. and really good with girlschase content so I have a decent time with girls but then I find my self in situations where I don't even have much friends at school but I have a couple of girls that I'm talking to and once I'm done with em I stop talking to em (I go to a big school so I can get away with this). And then u feel super lame like this girl thinks I'm cool but my social life isn't that awesome. But it isn't because you sent doing much or you sent good looking or nice enough. Its because you lack basic convo skills. That's what will get you female friends. That's what will get you male friends that don't play the same sport as you, and tbh those are the guys that will help you find employment. If you like money this is a good thing. This is what will make your family member live you. Its just f*cling awesome and we should all have the luxury of doing this naturally.