Stimulate the #^%@ outta her with peak experiences


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 20, 2015
north america
It helps to be feeling something around women!

I noticed that when I feel positive emotions strongly, I experience more interest from women in me and my presence. Not just that but, their state is impacted by me.

But I’m not always feeling strongly. Sometimes I’m completely emotionless, and come across as serious. When I’m like this, I’m more invisible and less likely to generate interest or impact a women’s state.

So, after months of experimentation, I nailed down a way to ALWAYS feel more strongly.

I accomplish it in part with positive peak experiences.

A peak experience refers to a real or imaginary experience that generates extremely strong feelings within us. When recalling/visualizing a peak experience, typically I’m overcome by wonderfully positive feelings and energy. This energy stimulates me, and leaks out into the world where it influences women!

My personal favourite peak experiences involve euphoria and curiosity:
  • I visualize that I just won the lottery, and a rush of euphoria shoots throughout my body. super tingly.
  • I recall the time I possibly spotted a long-lost childhood friend in a foreign country, and now I’m overcome by a wave of wild curiosity. I feel like I’m on the edge of something.
I do play around with these feelings individually, but layering them together provides a more unique feeling for women to latch onto.

Typically I'm stimulating myself with peak experiences in the following situations:

1. In the pre-approach

I use it to generate pre-approach interest. For example, recently I was walking down the boardwalk at the beach. Looking off into the distance, I triggered strong feelings of sexual curiosity within me using peak experiences and visualizations. Nearly every girl who passed by stared me down. As soon as they noticed me, their state raised and they mimicked my feelings back to me.

2. As a pair with verbals

I use it to increase congruency of the verbals, thus adding an extra oomph. For example, I was exploring with a girl what she'd do if she won the lottery while simultaneously imagining I had just won an insane amount of money. I felt a euphoric high, and I watched as she became more stimulated herself.

These are the steps I follow to do it consistently:

1. Recall the peak experience associated with an emotion/feeling
2. Don't fight the physiological response. For example, your facial expressions might change. Let it happen.
3. Feel into the internal energy of the emotion/feeling. Like, you know that energy rushing through your body when you're happy? Be aware of it, and let yourself feel it as strongly as possible.
4. Using meditation, push it onto her, or pull her into it
4A. Push it onto her: Envision this energy as a lightbeam that shoots out of your body, into the world, and hits the girl like a brick wall.
4B. Pull her into it: Envision this energy as a force field that sucks things into it. Sit back and be observable [like how some chicks let you observe them in the preapproach], and wait for her to get pulled in when she observes your energy.

If you haven't experienced lots in your life, or don’t have an active imagination, you might have trouble with this. In that case you'll need to do some work. Get out there and create your own amazing peak experiences, and/or work on visualization to increase your imaginative abilities.

@Velasco introduced me to the concept of peak experiences a while back and I'm highly grateful for it. He really made things click for me in terms of my understanding and development of increasingly powerful states and vibes.

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