System of Setting Goals You'll Achieve


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Mar 1, 2013
Alright guys,

With New Years around the corner, everyone is going to be setting goals they're going to want to achieve through the year. But as most of us know, people tend to set goals fall through in reaching them, so today, I'm going to post about a system I learned through an Anthony Robbins book that will help you reach your goal.

The credit for this post goes to Anthony Robbins, I'm simply making his knowledge available to you all. Enjoy ;)

1. State your outcome in positive terms : State exactly what you want, not what you don't.
2. Be as specific as possible : How does your outcome look, sound, feel? The more detailed the more your brain will desire that outcome.
3. Have an evidence procedure : Know how you will look, feel, and sound when you've reached your desired outcome.
4. Be in control : Be sure your goals are affected by you, and not by changing other people.
5. Verify that your outcome is ecologically sound : Be sure that your goal benefits you and others around you as well.


1. Specific: What exactly do you want?

2. Sensory Based: What will you see?
What will you hear?
What will you feel?
What will you smell?
What will you taste?

3. Desired State/ Present State: What do you want?
What is happening now?
What is the difference?

4. Evidence Procedure: How will you know the outcome has been realized?

Now, take your list of goals that will make you feel most satisfied and satiated about achieving. The goals that you're absolutely committed to, most excited about, and write them down! Now write down why you absolutely will achieve those goals! Be clear and concise and state things positively. Tell yourself why it's important that you reach that goal, and why you're sure you can reach those outcomes.

Look at your list of goals and be sure that they apply to the 5 conditions outlined above, and are in-sync with the 4 topical questions also stated above. If your goals don't, then be sure to revise them to fit those conditions.

Then, write down your list of resources that will help you achieve that goal. Make a list of all the resources you have available to you.

For some of you who want to get better with women, you have GC and all it's members as a resource ;)

As a closing thought, be sure that you have enough reasons as to why you should achieve that goal. Create enough reasons to do something, and you'll be instantly motivated to do anything!

Enjoy your goals, and enjoy your New Year fellas.




Modern Human
Modern Human
Jun 16, 2013
Cool right perfect timing on that one Richard!

I just commented on one of Chases articles asking a couple things about goals, since he seems like he's pretty pro in goal setting.

I'm about to write up my goals once he answers my question and this is also something I hadn't thought about that I definitely want to think about.

Thanks for sharing the wisdom brotha man!



Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Dec 9, 2012
Cool to see you writing about this Richard.

My copy of the book is on the way actually :D